>Live Comedy Show! (No dead guys)


>Next month, February ’08, I’ll be making an increasingly rare stage appearance at San Francisco’s legendary Purple Onion. I’m not doing the full-on “Bizarro Baloney Show” as I did last time I was there in ’06, this will be more of a regular stand-up comedy show.

A brilliant comedian named Johnny Steele will open with a 30-minute set that will hurt you. This guy is drastically, fall-down, pee yourself, sore-stomach-muscles-the-next-day, pray-for- the-apocalypse funny – just the sort you would never want to follow onstage. Then I follow him with an hour set of my own.

My built-in excuse for not being as funny as Johnny, though, is that I’m not really a stand-up comic. I’m a cartoonist who occasionally does stand-up. If Johnny ever wants to challenge me to a drawing contest, then we’ll see who the lame-ass pretender is. But on February 22nd, I’ll be the lame-ass pretender, so come watch if you’re in the area. It’s a small venue and will sell out, so get your tix now, mon ami.



4 thoughts on “>Live Comedy Show! (No dead guys)

  1. >I wish you were having your show here in Kansas City. I would take a vacation, but the only vacation package I can afford, right now, is the History Channel on cable.You mentioned your show is becoming increasingly rare. I hope you don’t quit doing it. I saw clips of it on You Tube and it’s hilarious !Jamie Armstrong (Kansas City)

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