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(I would not mind at all if you clicked these images to view them larger. In fact, I would prefer it.)
Bizarro is brought to you today by the Christmas Tornado.

Here’s a kookey little play on words about the Great Wall of China. If they have a great wall, why not a great chair, rug and lamp? Get it?!

A reader (and writer) wrote to me last week and asked me why they were flinging a plate of spaghetti at the wall. I thought it was obvious, but in case there are others out there wondering, it’s because I figure what better way to attack one’s furnishings than by spilling spaghetti and red wine on them?

The title panel, or “header panel,” as it is called in the cartoon industry, was an old one that I reworked to look Genghis Khany.

Here is the original header panel. Can you spot the differences?


18 thoughts on “>Khan Job

  1. >I thoroughly enjoy both your comics and your commentary. I always make sure to read the comics, so I always read yours. Just wanted to let you know I ‘follow’ your blog. haha as creepy as that sounds.

  2. >It is epic as well that Marco Polo got noodles/spaghetti from China. Attack them with their own weapons. Improve their weapon by adding marinara and red wine. Positively brilliant strategy. :o)Captcha: unalksc (oon-alks-see)Bugsy repeated the obvious to Four Fingers with frustration, “It’s not deuxalks, it’s unalksc.”

  3. >Once I enlargerized the drawing I noticed a lot of interesting details like the shadows on the rug etc. I also noticed that there is an armchair but no footstool. This puzzled me until I remembered that the Huns are attacking the Chinese empire, not the…[Never mind.]


  5. >I think the same basic cartoon would be funnier if they were flinging the spaghetti at the Great Wall of China to see if it sticks.

  6. >But why wouldn’t the Great Furniture of China be at least semi-protected on the China side of the Great Wall?…Other note: I now see the b-day greeting to “Dad” which didn’t happen to catch my eye when it appeared in my local paper, even though I probably should have remembered to watch for it since you’d mentioned it previously.I’ve been enjoying your blog for a couple months now, especially for all the behind-the-scenes about-cartooning stuff. I wish more comics artists would do that. I happened to notice the blog address in the panel one day and have been following things here ever since.

  7. >Christina Awesome,Dimension Skipper, et al-Thanks for reading!Cully-Yes, the Flying Spaghetti Monster it is!Sayotte316-Thanks for leaving me out of your holiday wishes. (sniff)Tallon-The cartoons I send to the syndicate for printing are 600dpi. I change it to 200dpi and reduce the size of the cartoon for the blog.Robert Finis-Thanks for the spelling correction. I meant to check that before I posted.

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