>A Time for Healing


>Today’s Bizarro is brought to you by a cult of pie worshippers.

I like a good pie chart joke. I like chart jokes of all kinds, in fact. My favorite chart joke that I’ve done was back in the late nineties and I’d be able to show it to you now if my big computer wasn’t in the hospital.

For the last several days, I’ve been doing my blogs, email and cartoon coloring work on my laptop computer. It is several years older than my desktop computer and not nearly as powerful, so I’ve been slowed way down. Also, a lot of things I had arranged on my desktop computer for easy access are not arranged that way in my laptop, so finding things like my favorite chart joke from the late nineties would be too time consuming to attempt.

Last Tuesday night, my computer came down with a cough and a mild fever. I thought it was nothing, gave it a little Tylenol and sent it to bed. The next morning it was comatose and would not wake up. I rushed it to the emergency room and it is still being diagnosed. I should hear from the doctor today, keep your fingers crossed.

Get-well-soon cards are appreciated and should be sent to this address:
Guy Fixing Piraro’s Mac
Somewhere in Park Slope
Brooklyn, NY

No flowers, please.


15 thoughts on “>A Time for Healing

  1. >Tell your computer that as of now, approximately 2,931 people want it to get better.(It’s a lie, but it’d probably be true if all your fans around the world read this blog.)Pie is good. I think I’ll ask my math teacher to call us “Children of the Pie” instead of “Children of the Corn.”

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  3. This is a squares chart showing the relative proportions of land mammals. Presented by xkcd comic.

    Humans have so wrangled up the resources. This places more value on the wildlife we have.


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