>Death Takes a Holiday



This special Xmas edition of Bizarro is brought to you by Last Minute Gift Ideas.

The photo above is from CHNW‘s and my 2007 holiday email. We took this picture in Montreal in the beautiful and huge cemetery up on Mount Royal, for which the city is named. It isn’t Photoshopped, we came across the head stone just as it appears and put our camera on timer to make the picture. As an inveterate hater of Christmas and the entire tacky season, I could scarcely believe my good fortune.

We searched for hours looking for other gravestones with names of other things we wished were dead like “Neo-Con,” “Factory Farms,” “Fox News Network,” and “Reality Shows,” to no avail. For some reason, they don’t place them alphabetically.

The cartoon posted today is from several years ago and is one of my personal favorites. I published it on Xmas two years in a row and it was very popular both times. I got complaint letters both times, too, of course, from people who thought I was making fun of their heroes, missing the point of the cartoon entirely.

I’m going up to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary for a dandy holiday with a nice big wad of friends. Hope your holiday is as groovy as the Monkees in 1969.


14 thoughts on “>Death Takes a Holiday

  1. >Great photo! I’m with you on the whole tacky thing. Every year I just wait until this is over and then come out of hiding. Although this year I bought a HP Photosmart and we had a great time making homemade cards out of pictures with crazy captions while getting loaded on martinis. Wait ’til Grandma gets her card!!

  2. >that is a priceless photo…you remind me of my brother…when people say merry christmas to him he says “you want to step outside buddy” or “thems fighten words”happy holidays anywayhahahaha

  3. >Hope yours is groovy too, Dan. You were terrific at ThanksLiving at Woodstock! Love to both the animals and the human gang.Great cartoon and great photo. Hope someday we see “factory farms” on a gravestone.Peace, love, and happy holidays . . .

  4. >Hope you enjoyed your stay in our beautiful city. I just really hate x-mas, wish I could hide somewhere during the holiday season and come out when it’s all over.

  5. >I agree as well about how the entire holiday season has been corrupted by commercialism. (Forgive the March posting; I’m a bit behind on my Christmas blogging.) But I’m actually writing to thank you for providing the link to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. What an awesome place! There’s already too much cruelty towards dogs and cats, but they have the motherlode of shelters compared to other “wild” animals who have no place to go even if they can be liberated from their owners. Places like Woodstock are sorely needed, and while I can’t start one up myself, I will certainly support this one!

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