>Tourist Compulsions


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Here’s a fun idea from my mythical buddy, Derek. His musing about what the observation deck on the Tower of Pisa might be like led to this drawing of Aryan tourists struggling mightily against the forces of gravity to peer through the pay telescope which was installed shortly after construction in 1302. The key to the telescope was lost in the 15th century, and the money has not been emptied since. It is thought to contain in excess of $7 million dollars in coins.

Among the most notable features of the tower is the number of tourists who take this kind of picture of it.


8 thoughts on “>Tourist Compulsions

  1. >I took a picture of it once where I angled it so its going straight up in the photo with the ground on a tilt. wish I could find the photo..Great blog, I just found it today and put it in my blog-links.

  2. >Feh.This is nothing compared to my ìgiant man in cat-suit using leaning tower of pisa as a scratching post whilst whacking a clown in the face with a blow-up doll of Cher’ photo.You heard me!

  3. >Telescopes were invented in 16th or 17th century.Your blog is now part of the funny with comments like $7M in pocket change. Do you have any idea of the volume needed to enclose $7M of pocket change?I liked your good follow on joke.

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