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Today’s cartoon was written by a Pittsburgh colleague of mine who signs his cartoons “Wayno.” He sent me a bunch of cartoons of his recently and I offered to showcase a few and give him some plugs. I like his work a lot and it’s been fun collaborating with him. He asked me to direct you to this page to see more of his work. There are a few more of our collaborations coming up in the next few weeks.

Truth be told, I like his illustration style better than mine, but I’m more-or-less locked into this look for Bizarro and it has served me well, so there you go. I use other styles for other kinds of projects. Here is one I like a lot which appears as a full page in Bizarro and Other Strange Manifestations of the Art of Dan Piraro.

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5 thoughts on “>Wayno World

  1. >Checked it out. His style is nice, but somehow I prefer yours Mr. Piraro. Its got more individuality, it more, umm… u?dunno. or maybe I’m just being loyal.ur Fan,Dee Sh

  2. >hahahahapretty damn funny if you ask me AND REALLY relevant in todays world..nice picture of you and #1 wife tooheh it is awful quiet in here…has something changed…dan did you kill off all your other personalities..doug is getting creeped now

  3. >I thought this one was pretty funny. My only observation is that this blog is actually quite boring now that comment moderation has been enabled.

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