>Androcles and the Text Message


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I’m sure a lot of readers don’t remember the story of Androcles and the lion, or, if you went to an average American public school, never learned it, so here is a summary: A runaway slave removes a thorn from a lion’s paw, then years later is not eaten by said lion because he remembered the favor.

Now, suddenly, the bartender joke becomes oh so poignant and humorous. Let us chuckle together, shall we?

The moral of the story is, if you want to be a super rich cartoonist, start drawing cartoons that anyone can immediately appreciate, even hillbillies. (Alas, will the parade of reasons I’m not rich never end?)

Here’s one that any boob with a cell phone and a Facebook page can get. That includes just about ever boob in the country, including me. Let the riches begin!


8 thoughts on “>Androcles and the Text Message

  1. >I thought he was tickling the bartenders foot. It makes a lot more sense now that I know it was the thorn. I always knew the story as a mouse and a lion.

  2. >Speaking of Garfield, perhaps you'd consider incorporating this Hillbilly repellent palindrome in a strip: "Go hang a salami I'm a lasagna hog."

  3. >I can't help but think, Would the bartender have eaten Androcles if he hadn't removed the thorn? I don't know if that image makes the cartoon work less for me, or work so much better.

  4. >YOUR TIME WILL COME for the big happy money career. Since the Far Side has been gone, you've been the only funny cartoonist left. Eventually people will realize again that cartoons are supposed to be funny, not just line-y.

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