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  1. >if oprah rameses XXXVVVI requires my mortal body as a sacrifice to extend her own bodily juices then so be it i volunteer to be the first

  2. >This was very funny and I loved it. BUT in your post you did not site the source. I wanted to know WHO did this!! Unfortunately I ran out of time (library internet) and couldn't click through.Wish you would make it clear where your posts are from when they are not yours directly. It is funnier because it is The Onion, A WI online publication at one time! GO Wisconsin! :DThank you for this post and your site. You put a lot of work into it and it is appreciated!Mary Ann

  3. >@anonymous…it's funny that you want me to site the source but your own comment is anonymous. This video is from the Onion News Network. If you google them, you can find other videos like this. They're almost always terrific.

  4. >P.S…This is Mary Ann again. You know, my comment was not in any way meant as rude. If you took it that way, sorry.I only clicked on it briefly, like I said. I only wanted to see who it was from at a glance. That is all. Have a good day!

  5. >@Dancing Flamingo…No worries, Mary Ann, I didn't take offense. I meant no offense in my comment either, was just having a giggle. :o)

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