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Today’s whopper-sized Bizarro post is brought to you by Children As Food.

Lots to take care of today, I’ve fallen behind on posting cartoons. As I’ve mentioned within these electronic walls enough times to cause you to cough up your spleen, I have some shows in Tulsa later this week. This means I must get five days ahead on deadlines which takes 15 days of working double time. I have no idea why it works out that way, but that’s cartoon math for you. Just when you think you’ve solved the equation, a safe falls on your head.

If you are in the Tulsa area, come to one or both of my shows this week, please. You won’t regret it. I won’t let you. If I see you shuffling off after the show with a look of regret on your face, I’ll hit you with my dad’s car.

Two to choose from:
Thursday, Nov 18, Philbrook Museum, 6pm-7:30, I’ll be discussing my cartoon career, fine art, comedy shows, and playing a few original songs. Q & A to follow. Free with admission to museum.

Friday, Nov 19, Tulsa Elks Lodge, 8pm, a full-on comedy show with cartoons, stand-up, audience participation, onstage drawing, six original songs with backup musicians. $10, goes to charity.

Not sure if I’ll be able to post again this week, but I’ll try to do it once before I leave. I’d love to be do a post about the Great Garfield Veteran’s Day Scandal of 2010, for instance, and talk about how that same thing has happened to me on a couple of occasions. I’ll do it if I have time, for sure.

Back to the humor dungeon. Hope to see you in Tulsa.


6 thoughts on “>Many Cartoons

  1. >Great drawings! Can you visit my art class and give a lecture about your process to my students? I will buy you a lunch from the school cafetiera.

  2. >Carrot suit one was awesome! Grand slam this week! Ventriloquist was hilarious too- it reminds me of people we accuse of growing giant facial hair because they're shy or awkward.

  3. >Dan, Jim Davis's schedule is quite a contrast to yours! He's got a year of strips in the queue and it sounds like you're lucky when you've got a week's worth!Enjoy the holiday. If I was in Tulsa, I'd come see at least one of your shows.

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