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Plenty of cartoons again today in a desperate effort to catch you up to date. This first one is from my amazingly sexy and talented colleague, Wayno! He knows how much I despise b*llshit (did I put the * in the right place?) conceptual art so I like to imagine he wrote this gag just for me. To read his story about the process, click the funny elf. Funny Elf.

Also included in that entry on Wayno’s blog is last Sunday’s cartoon about plastic surgery, shown below. Wayno had it as a single toy at the surgeon, I decided to expand the number of patients and make it a Sunday panel. “Rock’em Sock’em Robots” and “Operation” were popular toys from Wayno’s and my childhood. If you’re too young to remember these, get thee to a vintage toy demonstration facility NOW; you’re not a complete human being.








Wait, what’s this? Another comic from the inimitable Victor Rivera! He’s a little kid I’ve known for years who comes up with fun ideas from time to time. He sent me the pun “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide-n-Seek,” and I came up with the premise. A true collaborative effort. Thanks little Vic! Good luck in Little League this summer!


This next cartoon about the unfortunate blind man reminds me of a story from my week in Tulsa. One of the amazing places I went was the Cellar Dweller Bar. It’s a bar. In a cellar. Below a building where people dwell. Yes, a bar in the basement of a very old apartment building. How is that even legal? I don’t know, but it exists and it’s dandy. Here is a picture of it’s owner, Zach, and one of the fine paintings in his Awful Art collection. The mustache in that painting is dog hair glued to the canvas. Brilliant and not the least bit conceptual. If you’re in Tulsa or planning a family vacation there soon, don’t miss the Cellar Dweller Bar! This strange thing happened to me while I was there.



Now let’s discuss the cartoon about Scooter and his affinity for calling bitches. Bad dog! Bad!





Last, but not leased (or rented) is another collaboration with Wayno. Pig tattoos are usually not very funny but this one is a scream. Scream now, but not if you’re reading this at work. Here’s Wayno’s story about this little piggy.


If your therapist thinks you would benefit by wearing more products with my cartoons on them, go here all your needs! Happy mental health to you!



26 thoughts on “Picture Parade

  1. Latest panel with Pigs very good.

    But……you could have done the baloon in verse and added my prior suggest of Pork Rhymes.???

    When I see it : it’ll assuage our hurt feelings for not gettin the April 29th invite until May…

  2. You must have had a great vacation in Tulsa to come up with these(no disrespect to Wayno). Hope the art show was a huge success.

  3. Dan- Awesome Fiat Multipla you drew a week ago. I’d prefer a 37 Topolino but what can you do? Cheers-Larry

  4. Not a day goes by without looking at your Bizarro cartoon! If only the Winston-Salem Journal would carry your feature in our paper, life would be complete. Thanks for a bright spot in our lives everyday Dan.

    Jack Stevenson

    Winston-Salem, NC

  5. You continue to be the cleverest, funniest cartoonist of the century! I have to go on line to see the daily cartoon, but I don’t miss a day. Thanks for the smiles and laughs.


  6. Re: Scooter, What’s the K 2 with the K9 business? (I think I finally got the sly reference I missed in the comics page version, though I’m ashamed I smiled.)

  7. o goodness! the blind man – how funny! I had not seen that one. Ya gotta be able to laugh at anything in my opinion, and maybe especially the body; we all have one, and it’s a one way street. Hey Dan, did you get your Phd in English and/or art? Or maybe you were a highschool drop-out?

  8. Hey, Dan, your stuff is always a hoot, thanks for sharing it with the world.

    Passing by a Clown-in-the-Carton fast-food place, (name changed to protect the guilty), I was wondering if the clown’s mother had to have him delivered by C-section. My neighbor thought that, with that nose, he’d better have been.

  9. Plastic surgeon. My daughter had dolls. One was outside for a year. I had some putty that is moldable and sticks to anything so I gave her doll plastic surgery so she might fit in with all of the so cal can’t stand up straight pain killer popping men and women with giganto boob jobs. This doll immediately became my daughter’s favorite before she grew older and realized that I made her doll a freak. I made some for male friends and relations for chistmas with the punchline, “yea, they’re real plastic.”

  10. I truly enjoy Wayno’s “conceptual art” and the pig tattoo, awesome. Not a fan of conceptual art either.

    The pig tattoo is one of the simple, yet creative, cartoonist drawings which should go viral.

    Nice work.

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