6 thoughts on “Another Bunny

  1. boston bro ….taking peoples ideas then f-ing me out of first paying gig with peters cause you were caught …i love how you twisted that i was cool with every letter (which i saved and posted) with peters til he stopped answering after 2009 ncs show me when you talked shit to him cause you were caught …providence train to south station $7.75 me and you priceless..ive contacted peters at least 50 times since you threatened fbi on me for not gioving you my ideas lets get som,ething straight from randy glasburgen to dave whamond to tom gammil to mark fagasi to jerry holbert to john callahan all know i wrote your comic you got a lot to learn about people if im not going to work in industry its going to be MY WAY not yours! 10,000 comics drawn never paid you f-ed me out of 22 years of submissions first payment your done dude your name is mud to…your editors recieved letters to telling them how you encourage to toss them ideas then screw them out with others

  2. Dear Mud (if, indeed, that is your new name);

    Great Easter Bunny picture but I don’t believe I ever sat on her lap at the mall. I would have remembered that. And I would have saved the picture. And thanks for the gag reply from Derek. What a hoot. Not a period or a comma in the whole thing like it was really written by some loon. You’re cracking me up. By the way, we missed you last week. Keep it coming, man.

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