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Bizarro is brought to you today by Hot TV Actress from the 60s!

Most readers were hep to my jive this Sunday but if you were confused by this cartoon, simply visit the stores from left to right: get drunk, buy a gun, rob a jewelry store, need a bail bondsman. The signage on the roof is an homage to the cartoonist who most influenced my work in my youth, B. Kliban. If you don’t know his work, find a copy of this book. You’ll thank me.

Here are two more cartoons from the past couple of days. Why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road cartoons have been done to exhaustion but I thought up this one recently and liked it so I gave it life. If you’ve seen something similar before, sorry about that. These things happen in the jet-set, rock-n-roll world of cartooning.





And finally, this Agree-to-Terms cartoon. Maybe this has been done before as well. I’ve never seen it, so I did it. So sue me.

Actually, I like this gag whether it’s been done before or not, because you don’t know where “Agree” is in this case. Because it is my cartoon, I can tell you that the “agree” button is below the frame and he’s hitting it now.


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13 thoughts on “Get Your Ruin On

  1. Your sense of humor is phenomenal! Love all three! Certainly on target on the marriage front & don’t forget we women put up with this too… I think you might still have been in a “Tulsa” state of mind in the first cartoon!!!

  2. My wife and I loved the strip mall comic. She speculated that the owner of the car was in the tavern and would in fact be involved in the adjoining businesses in short order. I contend that the owner of the car was too inebriated to drive home and took a cab, but I suspect she is right.

    As for Kliban: Love to eat them mousies! He was so gifted and mad I tell you–mad!

  3. Today’s Road to Ruin comic was especially good. I’ve often thought roughly the same thing: That if you were to combine the major mistakes that people make in their lives these days into a store or shopping center, it would be deliciously funny. Another sequence that might work: Smoke Shop, Burger Shop, Liposuction Specialist, Plastic Surgery, Mortician.

  4. Hi.

    This is a comment to ALL your comics. THEY SUCK.

    NO. I’m LYING. They’re actually some of the BEST comics I’ve seen. They always make you think twice and crack you up. The puns and illustration of each concept is great.I share your comics with all my friends because they are so relative to everyone’s daily life or it’s just really funny. Well I hope you keep making more great comics. Good day

    I’m wondering if you are going to continue having contests.

  5. Two of my favorite Kliban cartoons are:

    “The callous sophisticates all laughed at Judy’s tiny head.”

    And “Gloria has a visible organism.”

  6. Right on there, man. I didn’t actually steal any chops off of Kliban as an art student — I was busy copping licks off of Moebius, Rick Griffin and Vaughn Bodé — but I learned a buttload about what was funny and why from Kliban, not to mention how much I know about how my cat thinks.

    If you’re Of A Certain Age and still can’t dig B. Kliban, well… you’re just frickin’ out of it, man.

  7. I would think a Kliban street view would have a “Hardw” in it, but it would probably detract from the narrative in your comic.

    My favorite of his cartoons were the head-scratchers, like the one with the pig with the crudely-inserted funnel in front of the man with one shoe, or NEVER give a gun to ducks. I enjoy your comics because they often take a moment of thought to get to the hilarious point. With Kliban, the point is probably nonexistent.

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