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Today’s Bizarro is brought to you by A Guest Caroonist.

A few months ago, I employed my good buddy and favorite collaborator, Wayno, to do a week of cartoons for me as a guest cartoonist. He refused at first but then I showed him the pictures I had a private investigator take of him and Jim Davis frolicking together on a nude beach in the Caribbean, and he relented. This kind of trickery is the only way a cartoonist like myself can get time off. Syndicated folks like me have to provide 365 cartoons each year for decades on end without rest. If I were to submit reruns for a week and take some time off, many of my client editors would run replacement strips instead, thus risking losing my place in that paper permanently. In this economy (and with my meager income) I can’t risk that.

So my pal from Pittsburgh was willing to help me out and thus begins the week he created: All of the cartoons from today until next Sunday, May 22 (or 22 May, if you’re reading this in Europe) were written, drawn, and colored by Wayno. He tells his side of this story about the guest week underneath this ruffly skirt. Ruffly skirt. And, if you care what the Pittsburgh Gazette has to say about this guest week, check the lemur’s tonsils. Lemur’s tonsils.

So let’s kick the week off right by thoroughly critiquing and deconstructing his first gag.

Here, Wayno seems to be dealing with his fear of eternal damnation, which, considering the life he’s led, is not completely unfounded. But does my esteemed colleague fear fire, brimstone, branding irons or busting rocks with a sledge hammer? No. It seems that Wayno’s greatest fear is that of long meetings in which he is not the center of attention.

And what of his artwork? Does this look like the kind of devil that strikes fear in the heart of the superstitious? Hardly. This is a devil you can be afraid of. Wayno’s devil looks more like a Tea Party candidate who is not presently hiding his horns. But I suppose that is exactly the point.

I hope you enjoy this week’s cartoons by Wayno. I enjoyed my time off and think his cartoons this week are top notch!

Bizarro cartoons on products galore, listed by date, can be found here, daddio!




9 thoughts on “Wayno World

  1. I think that Close to Home is maybe the worst comic I’ve ever seen. It’s crazy that my local funnies carry this and Mallard Fillmore and eschew the vastly superior stuff in the meantime.

    I’ve been meaning to start a comics revolution at the paper but I’ve been too busy complaining about it in blogs, it seems.

  2. Satan. I went with my daughter to her church. The message that night was basically when you’re a christian, you’re in the christian family so god is your father. If you aren’t christian, satan is your father. I’m not nor will I ever be a christian and my daughter knows it. So according to pastor Zac Nazarian, I’m going to hell. Can’t wait for the powerpoint.

  3. “Wayno’s devil looks more like a Tea Party candidate who is not presently hiding his horns.”

    I’ve never seen a Tea Party candidate who was actually capable of doing this.

    Oh, wait… I’m wrong. Christine O’Donnell did a pretty good job of it while denying she was a witch, but I guess she had to…

  4. You say, “Does this look like the kind of devil that strikes fear in the heart of the superstitious? ”

    Actually I think Wayno’s Satan looks a little like you.


  5. Not trying to be critical here, just wondering:

    What does your syndication editor (or whatever your “boss” is called) think about this idea of “job sharing”? I can’t imagine he’d/she’d be too thrilled about it. What if someone working at the local McDonald’s had a friend show up for work instead of showing up himself/herself? I don’t think that’d fly. Just wondering.

    (Or maybe Wayno taking over the strip is the 21st Century version of Billy drawing Family Circus?) Are you concerned your syndicate might fire you and hire Wayno cheaper? All food for thought…. As I said, just wondering.

    That being expressed, I like Wayno’s gags, but I prefer your art. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you use an actual “font” (versus handwritten letters) in your art. Certainly better than Close to Home and a million other comics, though.

    • This is all approved by my editor and my syndicate, so they’re fine with it. It’s a relatively new way for syndicated cartoonists to get time off and is typically allowed one week each year. Not everyone does it, but I’m not the first by any means. Plus, as long as the work is professional, the good folks at King trust my judgment about my own feature and its audience. Our relationship isn’t as much “employer/employee” as it is “agent/client”. They like to keep me happy.

  6. Let’s call the tea party what they really are per ‘The Newsroom”

    “The American Taliban”. Zinger’d them good with that one.

    Did you know that Sasha Baron Cohen’s movie “The Dictator” was based on a book by Osama Bin Laden. I think there’s a good cartoon in that somewhere.

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