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Bizarro is brought to you today by Norse Gods.

Today’s cartoon asks the question: Do cats have religion? I’d say the answer is no, but if they did, it would be about murdering small animals and sleeping. The violence in their holy book would likely rival The Old Testament, though that would be a formidable task indeed.

This speculative look into the mythology of cats was brought to you by my favorite collaborator, Wayno. Check out his comments about beer and my Pittsburgh comedy show here.

Wayno also contributed the following gag about viking graduation, a ceremony you would not want to attend with protective headgear and safety goggles.


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6 thoughts on “Wayno and Wikings

  1. Hi Dan;

    I have appreciated your humor for quite a while, even on those occasions where I disagree with you, but I really want to thank you for your comments in “Religion Again?” about being a thinking person. Though I am a thinking person, I tend to be ponderous these days rather than quick witted, hence the long delay. I too think it’s good to reflect on how ridiculous our beliefs are, even if we don’t believe in god(s) and substitute things like lightening striking a mud puddle as the source of all life, or that there are people who have no ulterior motives or vested interests in spreading their version of “TRUTH”. Today’s missive, for example, couldn’t possibly have been calculated to bait the Christian “suckers” could it? Keep up the good work, lad!

  2. A rather dramatic lightning and thunder storm just came barreling through our neck of the woods out here in the Pacific Northwest–one of our dogs, a cattle-dog-shepherd-Don-Knotts-mix, is underneath our pub table shaking like Charlie Sheen in rehab…but our cats (six and holding) are yawning and licking their paws as if they could not be more bored. The cats have cornered the market on cool, and would rule the world if it were not for the seemingly random janglings of bits of string!

    TIGER, tiger, burning bright perhaps could shed a dot of light…

    I love the artwork and jokes as usual!

  3. Note to readers: DO NOT drink any beverage while reading above cartoons. May result in the laugh, choke spew drink everywhere situation. USE CAUTION: read first, laugh, and laugh some more, chuckle and sigh, THEN drink your beverage.

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