Mobius Richard


(Can you see this cartoon larger? Yes, you can. Just click on the seagull’s beak!)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Happy Meals.

I did a cartoon a while back about a mobius strip and got lots of responses, so I figured, why not tap that vein again? This one was a collaboration between my own dear self and my dear, dear buddy, Cliff. He’s always thinking of something.

Short post today. (stop cheering) I’m way behind on work and the rhinoceros of life is charging my jeep.

You: Dan! Where we can find this cartoon on a T-shirt or iPhone cover?! Huh? Me: Click this sentence now, matey!


14 thoughts on “Mobius Richard

  1. Infinitely satisfying*.

    *It is curious that when viewed from one angle, a Möbius strip looks like the symbol for infinity (the meat of that linked strip steak gag), yet a Möbius strip only has one side and one edge — one being the opposite of infinity.

  2. it reminds me of The Tale of The Giant Rat of Sumatra, by Firesign Theatre:

    voice: Möbius Dick Funeral Parlour, you snuff ’em, we stuff ’em.

    Hemlock Stones: I’m Joe from Chicago, my good man, let me in.

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  4. Woh, Danny boy – now there’s a coincidence!

    I just thought of a new pun and headed straight over here to find not only a new gag up, but as you’ll see, an almost spookily apposite one…

    An ol’ Cap’n Ahab type ship: hanging out one side a Japanese guy, out the other, one o’ dem Norwegiansesesss…both brandishing harpoons, both copiously weeping, both SPOUTING, “Why does everyone hate us for hunting the ‘cockroach of the sea’?”

    In the sea, a huge cetacean looks over its shoulder in contempt and sneers, “Ah, quit y’whalin’!”

    And don’t say there he blows!

  5. I didn’t know the word mobius..but I figured it had to do with a mathematical concept..they are cool.. I want to make one now..I always learn stuff from your comics : ) laughing while learning: )

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  7. When I saw the link and line later about “the Rhinoceros Of Life is charging your Jeep” for some silly reason I kept picturing a Rhino from AAA with Booster cables stating that he never plays Hungry Hungry Hippos and was surprised by the actual still image of the charging Rhino. Maybe I just read too much into your cartoons someday.

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