Molar Bagpipe Midgets


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This joke will make no sense to someone who has never seen that anthropomorphized tooth character that dentists use to get kids to take care of their teeth. I always found them kind of scary because my vivid imagination couldn’t just leave them on the page. I always imagined meeting such a creature face to face. In my mind he was about five feet tall and four feet wide. That childhood fear was the inspiration for this Bizarro cartoon from a few weeks back.

My buddy, Andy Cowan and I were tossing this character around (not literally) looking for gags, and came up with this one and a few more. If one tooth has a face, why not all of them?

Here’s another collaboration with my known associate, Wayno. I think this is one of his best gags; so deadpan, so unexpected, so funny. Still makes me giggle. Wayno posted a very interesting and articulate piece about this cartoon on his blog today. Check it out, but be sure to come back and read the rest of this post. I’m not typing this for my health, you know. It’s all for you!




This last gag today is similar to the one above, but that was unintentional. They were written at different times, independently––they just happen to be kind of similar. The universe works that way sometimes. Like how they say that all snowflakes are different, but then all of sudden your whole yard will fill up with snowflakes that look exactly alike. How weird is that?


Can we talk about the holidays? I hate holidays and never give gifts but most people do and I’d love it if you gave Bizarro products!


9 thoughts on “Molar Bagpipe Midgets

    • I wasn’t talking about dwarfs. They are different than midgets. Dwarfs have the proportions of a person with not enough height for their width, but midgets are proportionately the same as average people, just much smaller. :o)

  1. LOVE Scotty Cash. I like all your stuff of course, but some I just all-out love.

    I haven’t gone to your next post – the “Planet trembling News”. Bet I know what it is. Did you really tremble? I did.

  2. No one complains about Gidget meaning girl midget. Sally Field didn’t play “Girlittleperson.” Funny thing about Scotland is the reputation the people had of being cheap. Scotch means cheap referring to Scotland. Scotch tape, scotch, scott tissue for example. These product names aren’t PC but they are mainstream. I’m not complaining. I am, after all, genetically scotch.

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