Shirt Load of Fun


(This cartoon is WAY more fun BIG. Click the clown’s nose to make it so!)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Delicious Dinner Options.

Here’s another collaboration with my friend, Cliff The Master of Wordplay. And letter- and number- and symbol-play, too. For those readers who are blind or dead, the jokes lie in the T-shirt messages. From left to right: I pie NY, Aye aye NY, I owe NY, I see NY, I love York, I pound NY.

One reader wrote to tell me that the # sign actually has several names –pound, hash, number, octothorpe– so perhaps I should have used the symbol for the British pound – £ – or an 8, for “ate.”  Not a bad idea, but it’s a matter for historians now. What’s done is done. Water under the bridge. Dachshunds in a picnic basket, as they say. (Wait. Do they say that last one? They should, it would be cute.)

Of course, I’ve also thrown in a few gags in the store signs, just for those of you who like to dig for gags. “Dingo Baby Clothes” is my favorite.

Here’s another fun gag Cliff worked on with me that uses this same motif.

Goodbye for now, dear reader. If you’re one of those people who buy lots of gifts during the last part of the year, please consider my new book, “Bizarro Heroes,” and also any or all of your favorite Bizarro cartoons from over the years on tons of different products!




14 thoughts on “Shirt Load of Fun

  1. I thought the gag was the store signs and you were just being silly with the shirts! Great Blog! there is some brilliance in the T-shirt gag! (as always ) Thanks for the info for the comically challenged creatures!

  2. The only one I didn’t get was the York one — thanks for the explanation. I do like your phrase about “Dachshunds in a picnic basket”. (You know, I don’t think I have ever written “Dachshund” before — that second ‘h’ came as a total surprise. I am pretty sure I’ve been mispronouncing it too.)

      • Phwahaha! Almost, Dan, almost. We don’t even call them Dachshund. I had never heard “Dachshund” until I learnt English. Maybe breeders do, but commonly they are known as “Dackel”. Which reminds me, The Orator is a great film; everyone should see it. A “dackel” is something different there, though.

  3. Day late, so sue me. For a dollar.

    I do like this one. I was going to ask if the store sign was “Dingo Baby Sitting” (the last work is not readable by my elderly eyes). Your blog explained. I think I like “sitting” better, although it’s a bit less subtle.

    P.S. – I have a truly remarkable definition of “spooge” which this margin is too small to contain.

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