Best Hair in the Bar


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Scary Halloween Costume!

For years I’ve been publishing a “Scariest Halloween Costumes of (year)” cartoons on the Sunday closest to Halloween. This year I felt that motif had run its course and I couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t offend half of my readership (i.e., something that disparages Michele Bachmann). But my known associate, Wayno, submitted this idea about the bride of Frankenstein’s monster, so I went for it.  What does Wayno have to say about this? The answer.

And so, you may wonder, which part of her still loves him? I’ll leave that to the individual reader.

Here are the Halloween cartoons from the past few years. I hope you find them funny, or at least less awful than an attack by a deranged Minnesotan with a chainsaw.


10 thoughts on “Best Hair in the Bar

  1. Unrelated to this post, but I remember you saying that you sometimes draw title panels? If it’s not much trouble, I, for one, would like to see some on the blog!

  2. I just had a boy come to my door with a shirt, tie and briefcase… dressed as a lawyer! That has to be the scariest costume I’ve seen yet!

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  4. Those are interesting little snapshots of what was on the news cycle in each of those years. I especially thought the 2008 one was interesting, with the elephant losing control of the economy and the home foreclosures, all a month before Obama was elected president. Did he have a time machine to go back and screw everything up before he was elected?

  5. I’m happy you quit making those ‘Scariest costumes’ comics. I happen to agree with pretty much all your political views, but I nevertheless think making political strawman arguments through the medium of a newspaper comic is a terrible idea.

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