Death-Wish Slugs and More


(Here’s an old favorite of mine. Click the pretzel to see it so awful big.)

Hello, Bizarro Jazz Pickles. (That is what I’ve decided to call my readers. Thoughts?) I have a few fun things to tell you about today:

1. There is a short blog post about my secret symbols on a website called Daily Ink. The first and last paragraph were written by the person who runs that blog, the rest of the stuff in the middle was written by me. I didn’t want you to think that I wrote a hyperbolic phrase like “brilliant madcap masterpiece” about myself. That would be gross. Regardless, I explain my secret symbols, what they mean, how they started, and how they will figure into the salvation of mankind. (Not at all.) Read it here.

2. Daily Ink is an Internet subscription service run by King Features, who syndicates Bizarro. For 5 cents a day, you can have as many or few of King Features comics delivered in color to your email. The list is editable at any time. (NOT edible at ANY time.) You can even try it for a month and see if you like it. Look here.

3. I discovered a pretty fun cartoon that is ostensibly about a boy and his dog but is adeptly drawn and the humor is delightfully dark. I think it’s something to keep an eye on. This is one of my favorite panels. View it with your eyes now and bookmark it so we can keep an eye on him together.

4. Do four things still qualify as “a few”? Well, I’m so excited about my new book, “Bizarro Heroes” that I don’t even care. It’s a damn fun book and you’re going to like it. WAY more than $10-worth of laughs in it. Fall in love with it here. PLEASE. It’s how I pay the bills.

5. I love my Jazz Pickles.



24 thoughts on “Death-Wish Slugs and More

  1. I believe I feel fine being referred to / thought of as a “Jazz Pickle.” It definitely seems like something that would go well on a bumper sticker and/or lapel pin. “Hi! Ask me about being a Bizarro Jazz Pickle!”

  2. Got your new book delivered yesterday. Read it immediately and almost fell off my sofa laughing (fortunately it is a wide sofa). Viva Mothman!

  3. Since we just yesterday bought a Singing Pickle, and since we are jazz fans, your appellation for us is quite appropriate; thank you for noticing.

    I think I speak for all of us in all regards.

  4. Happy to be a jazz pickle. Is your blog the jazz pickle jar then? The internet the electric jazz pickle jar opener? And what are you? The brine that holds us all together? Life of brine? … to continue on from your previous blog post…

  5. “I’ll Be your Jazz Pickle.”…. Not quite the same ring as, “I’ll be your huckleberry.”, But I like it anyway!!

  6. I ordered the super hero book today. While I was there, I noticed your book exclusively about pirates. I’m a lapsed Pastafarian, so I had to get that one too.

  7. Echoing the others here, I would be honoured to be a Jazz Pickle. Unless you have a different name for Canadians. Then, I’d want to be called the Canadian name, not the Jazz Pickles name.

    Hey, maybe we could be the Ice Pickles because in Canada, we live in Igloos and drive Dog sleds everywhere we go!?!? Or maybe we can be the Polite Pickles…because of our reputation for being polite in Canada. Or maybe we could just be one big happy family and all of us can be called Jazz Pickles. I’m hungry now.

  8. Read your book before going to work the other day, scared my dog from laughing so hard, but it was the BEST work day of the week!

    Like Daniel stated, I too would be honored to be a Jazz Pickle! :D

  9. I’ve only been studying your panel for the last 67 years but GASTROPOD DAREDEVILS has rocketed to the top of the list. I laughed until I stopped and then laughed again until I stopped.

  10. a nickname, at long last! thanks, Dan.

    Good timing with the new book – I need Xmas gifts!

    I love your secret symbols and I have your “Eyeball of Observation” trading card propped up on my desk. Have you ever thought of doing a set of Bizarro Tarot cards?

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