The Evil 20%


Of all the millions of dollars, millions of hours of planning, training, dedication, sweat, pain, the lifetimes of dedication from hundreds of athletes and musicians, of all the lifelong dreams that were fulfilled and shattered at yesterday’s Super Bowl, the biggest point of discussion today is that a single person extended one of the two “magic, evil fingers” all by itself, without one of the other fingers as a chaperone.

Anyone else think that humans are the stupidest animals on the planet?


21 thoughts on “The Evil 20%

  1. Ironically, I had no idea there was any such discussion, before you pointed it out. In other words, in complaining about the existence of a discussion you extended it.

  2. No, the problem is that, rather than the common misconception that people only use 10% of our brains, only 55% is dedicated to rational thought, while 45% is dedicated to irrational thought, cancelling out all but that 10%. Or at least that’s what my instincts tell me.

    Then again, you must be at least a little bit thankful for the irrationality, since it gives you so much material to work from.

    I eagerly look forward to your cartoon on the ‘evil fingers’, and if I may offer a suggestion, a view of a couch full of sports fans watching a TV (screen not visible) making crazed reactions: “OMG, did you see the gesture she made with her foot?” “How DO you get your toes to bend like that?”

  3. Re today’s cartoon—

    Hey Dan! They weren’t Cubans, rather Argentinians. Come on, man, you can do better than that! Che had more cajones than all those clowns running for election combined!

    • Yes, I’m a fool and a derelict. I didn’t research it, just drew the comic from my memory of the movie and I just naturally associate Che with Cuba. I’ll explain it and apologize on the next blog post.

        • Geez Louise, dont 99% of us think that Che was Cuban? As usual, the nerds ruin it all with their insistence on historical accuracy. Besides “Cubans” is a lot more funny than “Argentines” because most folks would associate Che with Cuba. So there.

  4. What if they all (network, NFL, etc) just said nothing. I ask this with arms raised, palms toward the heavens, crying “Why, oh why?”.

  5. Where do we stop things? This is, in this society, considered at the very least, rude. OK, yes, free speech. But if someone says to me, “F**** you! ” and considers it free speech, I object!

  6. The funny/sad thing is, when I heard about this it was, “Wow, I can’t believe Madonna gave the country the finger!” Then when I found out it was a rapper I had never even heard of I was like “why the heck would anyone care?” She just made herself look like a 5-year old (no offense to five-year olds) to millions of people. That’s sure to help her career. And writing this I realize I don’t even remember her name. Thank you brain!

  7. Since MIA is british and of Sri Lankan descent, wouldn’t the “finger” sign for her be (what to us Americans is) a backwards “peace sign”. Maybe she was saying she’s number one?

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