Clown Nose Tree


(To experience this cartoon LIFE SIZE, click the clown’s butt flag!)

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I’ve never been one to find farts funny in real life. I’m not the sort to giggle when something smells bad. I’m more the sort to change my location. But this gag from my “known associate,” Wayno, is hilarious in my opinion (and odorless). Generally speaking, fart jokes, per se, are not allowed in newspaper cartoons but this one is so innocuous and ridiculous that it slipped through without a hitch. Well done, Wayno. He talks about it here, over at Rancho Wayno.

There has never been any rule against cucumber-shaped noses in the newspaper cartoon industry so this one was easy to publish. It is not as easy to understand as the joke above, however, but that’s the fun of it. I  like gags that are strange for the sake of it, as long as there is some loose thread of logic involved. In my opinion, this one achieves that. Hope you think so, too. If you are not already aware, professional actors cannot register with their union under the same name that previous actors have, which is one reason why so many actors go by three names (Philip Seymour Hoffman, etc.) and why Pickle Nose had to change his name.

I got a few messages and emails from readers who did not understand this tree cartoon. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t have understood it either unless I had heard that Mitt Romney recently said of Michigan, “I love this state. The trees are the right height.” I have no idea what he meant by it and based on things I’ve read, neither does anyone else. Perhaps Mitt likes statements that are strange for the sake of it, too. I think he may be missing the “thread of logic” part, though.

Enjoy your day, Jazz Pickles, and don’t forget to grab some Bizarro crap so I can pay next month’s rent. Seriously.

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17 thoughts on “Clown Nose Tree

  1. You might enjoy Romney via Bad Lip Reading, where he is heard to say many strange things.

    Ah, if only pickles grew on trees.

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  3. I was a little surprised to see that you had made a cartoon that played with something said in the Presidential Campaign, but relieved you chose one of the more innocuous ones. Still, I look forward to an Etch-A-Sketch-themed Bizarro in the near future.

    The Hollywood Union Namechange phenomenon is one I’ve been aware of for a long time. Did you know Tim Conway’s real name is Tom, but Tom Conway was taken? He wouldn’t have been as funny as Tom. And it’s the reason for Michael J. Fox and Craig T. Nelson. But they did make one notable exception for a young man named Michael Jackson when they already had one guy by that name (but by the time Jacko got into acting, he’d already made a LOT more money as a singer as Other Michael Jackson doing anything).

    But why didn’t Pickle Nose just change it to Cucumber Nose? Was that also taken?

  4. I hunted down this blog through Internet searching for the sole purpose of learning the meaning of the Michigan tree comic. I will pass it on to my son, who was equally confused this morning.

  5. I really love your comics…according to me.. there are not enough people in the world who focus on the bizarre ..just to you know… focus on the bizarre…keep at it Dan..!

    ps: can you not get the comics published in India…?

    • thanks very much for your kind words. I’m not in charge of selling my cartoons overseas, but I know that Bizarro does appear in a Mumbai newspaper.

  6. Love your work Mr P. Forgive us, but we were thinking that ‘Quack’ or ‘Parp’ would have been even funnier on that clown’s ass-flag.

      • Or how about this: The panel shows a guy standing on a duck, but with a small ripple of fumes coming from his lederhosen. He is behind a line of PETA protestors on one side and a flock of nuns on the other. In the scene members of both lines have whipped their heads around to give him a scathing look. He stares out of the panel with a forlorn “damned if I do and damed if I don’t” expression. He is not a clown.

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