Micro Witch Dead Snow Frog


(To get a larger enjoyment out of this delightful cartoon, click the Umbrella Lady’s beauty mark!)

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I’ve been out of town for a few days, hence being so far behind on blogging. I’ve missed my Bizarro Jazz Pickles and hope you missed me, too.  The Sunday comic above is the first one I can say was completely influenced by my new digs in Los Angeles. California has micro-climates-a-plenty and it is sometimes almost as weird as this drawing. This one appeared in papers on April Fools’ Day. Can you spot the April Fools’ joke that I included in this cartoon? You’ll have to blow it up to see it, I suspect. Only truly observant Jazz Pickles have much of a chance.

Here is a nice election-year cartoon. If you don’t understand it, you likely don’t know that two people running for president of The United States of America are named “Newt” and “Romney.” Or maybe you’ve never heard of witches and didn’t know they use “eye of newt” in just about every recipe.






This one, of course, is a take on the old cartoon cliche of a doomsday prophet carrying a “The End is Near” sign. I’ve seen a lot of doomsday prophets on street corners in real life, but none of them seem to use these signs anymore. Makes me sort of nostalgic.





If you don’t get this it is either because you didn’t know that eating carrots is supposed to be good for your eyesight, or you’ve never seen a snowman, or you didn’t know people often use carrots as a nose on snowmen. If you are this person, I can’t help but feel very sorry for you.




This real estate cartoon is from my “known associate,” Wayno. People sometimes ask me to also post the horizontal versions of my cartoons and I usually don’t because they aren’t that different or interesting. But this one was a challenge and I had to redraw a fair amount of it to achieve the other version, as you can see below. I hate having to do that (who doesn’t hate more work?) and it’s harder than it looks.


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53 thoughts on “Micro Witch Dead Snow Frog

  1. It’s the wee alien coming out of the bushes on the right side. Of course, the pink slippers are also foolish, and appropriate for early April what with the pink poofs that look like bunny tails.

  2. Umm…


    The guy who took the arrow to his knee :) (like the meme)

    *Fingers Crossed for a reply from Dan nominating me as Honorary BJP of the Century*

    • You were the first commentator to get it right, so you do indeed win Honorary BJP of the Century!!*
      *”Century” in this context means “day”.

      • My constant need to check for BizarroBlogUpdates has finally paid off!!! I thank you for the honor and will do my best to deserve it, starting with giving out the following advice to Wannabe Honorary BJPs:

        ‘Like’ the official Bizarro Page and tell your friends who are into Comics or Art or Weird or Interesting or _____(fill in adj) stuff about it (https://www.facebook.com/bizarrocomics) 3K likes is less than 1% of what should be. Also, it lets you know as soon as the posts are published and helps you become possible ‘Honorary BJP’ candidates and 24 hours of ‘Coolly Awesome Pickledness’ that comes with it.

        But seriously, I actually had wondered if the real ‘April Fools’ prank was that you HAD put in 587 of your hidden features woven into the raindrops or snowflakes or even eyebrow hair. Thankfully, I gave up on that idea after 20 minutes or so.

        now…. I wonder if being an ‘Honorary BJP’ lets me Fly…

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  4. Re: the April Fool’s panel joke-within-a-joke – would it be the “fish out of water” whose tail is poking in on right? OR 587 above your signature, some obscure code?

  5. Is it the 587? I’ve only been reading your comics for a couple of years now, so for all I know there may very well be 587 “thingies” (that’s what I call them – not sure what the technical term is) in the panel. The only other odd things (odd being relative when it comes to your strips) I noticed were the arrow in the knee and the fancy slippers on the old guy, but perhaps that’s a type of CA climate I’m unfamiliar with…

  6. I suspect I’m too late to be the first to identify what I think is your April Fool’s Joke, but I assume it’s the number above your signature, the one you use to let us know how many tucked-away symbols are hidden in the day’s art. I saw it originally, but didn’t connect it as a AFJ; I just assumed you wanted us to work a bit harder and try to find more than the usual number. In either case, it looks to be a packed panel!

  7. I take it the guy with the laptop in the microclimate cartoon is playing Skyrim? I can find six Bizarro icons in that frame and need help with the other 581.

  8. It’s the 587 above your signature – supposed to be the number of symbols you drew in the panel. I found 7, so I’m missing the other 580. Occasionally I find an extra symbol, but I’ve never come up short this badly :) I must be an OCD-afflicted Jazz Pickle.

  9. In texas, they used to say “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Here (SF Bay for me, but likely similar in LA), it should be “If you don’t like the weather, drive for 5 minutes.”

  10. Well, I figured out the 587 but I’m sure a Johnny-come-lately. Especially liked the “mules”…but what’s that thing abutting the left hand of the lady with the umbrella?

    signed: tickled jazz pickle {8•)

  11. Well, I just spent 15 minutes researching the “meaning” of the number 587, and, you want to hear something weird: there IS a meaning! It is source of contention among members of a certain door-knocking religious group, AND an “angel number” (seriously!)

  12. Dan, regarding your SF shows on 4/26 at 2263 Mission. Maybe you’re aware of this already, but there’s a vegan Mexican restaurant at 2211 Mission. Haven’t been there yet myself, but I’ve heard good things. Web site is:



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