Seurat Pie Cubes Cruelty Tax


(To see this cartoon all up in your face and spectacular, click the black doggy.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Angels Among Us.

I had a wonderful weekend, hope you did, too. The weather here in Los Angeles was spectacular for outside-doing-stuff and so I went hiking and rock climbing. I went to a famous place just outside of town called Vasquez Rocks, which has been used in countless films and television shows, mostly westerns and science fiction. The largest, most pointy rock is called Kirk’s Rock because William Shatner confronted a man in a rubber lizard suit in front of it in an episode of the original Star Trek TV show in the 60s.

The funny thing about my trip there today, however, is that I was walking along what seemed to be a deserted area when I looked up on Kirk’s Rock and saw the following image.

I’m not kidding. I took this picture with my cellphone. At first I wondered if it was the end of the world, as one does when confronted with Jesus and two angels, back lit by the sun a hundred feet above you in the wilderness. But walking a few more feet exposed the following large group of people dressed as shepherds, waving back at him.

Apparently I’d stumbled upon an Easter pageant of some kind. So fear not that you missed the end of the world this weekend; it was just some outdoor Jesus theater.

By the way, when Punxsutawney Jesus poked his head of his tomb today in LA, he did, indeed see his shadow, so there will be six more weeks of damnation. Bummer.

Here are some other cartoons to catch you up on all things Bizarro this week. Hope they do not make you ill or otherwise uncomfortable.














If you didn’t know that SpongeBob lives under water, this cartoon could take on a far more lascivious meaning. Whoops.








McDonalds buys their chicken meat from factory farms, which are notoriously cruel to the animals they raise. This scene would not surprise me in an actual McD’s.








I hate the IRS and who doesn’t? I suspect that the reason we celebrate Easter in the spring is to give us hope in a super hero who can save us from taxation. But I could be wrong about that.






Be well, Jazz Pickles. You are the cucumbers in my vinegar, the tang in my sandwich.







21 thoughts on “Seurat Pie Cubes Cruelty Tax

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  2. I thought you might have been going for the underwater angle, but it still didn’t make much sense because they’re both sponges.

  3. There was a very disappointing lack of discussion about your very hilarious Seurat piece.

    It was really really funny and whoever suggested that idea is a genius.

    …not… Victor Rivera

  4. The Punxutawney Jesus observation cracked me up.

    It would make a great comic, but I think most newspapers you’re published in would be righteously indignant.

  5. The SpongeBob one made me laugh to the point of milk coming out of my nose.

    I read it quite lasciviously despite knowing, sadly, who he is.

  6. The naughty angle on the Sponge Bob cartoon reminds me of yet another old joke…. Some guys were hanging around drinking some beers and some how the conversation turned to the topic of reincarnation. After much discussion, one guy declares, “If I’m reincarnated I want to come back as a whale. Just think how popular I’d be if I could breath through the top of my head!”

  7. OK, Dan, I know you are a great artist … but did you draw from scratch or cut and paste. At least I know the eyeball and devilishly (once again) hidden K2 are your work :-)

    • I lifted the famous artworks from the Internet. They are without copyright so there is no reason to draw them by hand, since the point of the gag was to instantly recognize them.

  8. Your McDonald’s cartoon made me cringe, I could barely look at it. I know that was the point and point well taken.

  9. When I was a kid, my parents would tell us tales of supposedly buried treasure at the Vasquez Rocks, from the old wild west days. We never found it.

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