Desert Bach Honesty Cattle


Bizarro is brought to you today by Just Deserts.

I’ve been working hard on my new, live comedy show and I really hope some faithful Jazz Pickles show up to see me. Currently I’m booked in San Francisco on April 26, at 7pm and 9pm at The Dark Room in The Mission. Click here for info and tix. This is a very small venue and is already almost sold out, so get your tix now!

I’m doing it again the next night, April 27, up in Mill Valley, across the Golden Gate Bridge. Click here for tix and info, JPs. This is a bigger venue but will likely sell out, too, so hurry!

If you want to earn extra Pickle Points, send these links to people you know in that area who are already JPs or should be. My shows are damned funny and I guarantee you’ll have a great time. Also, I’ll be selling/signing books and posters after, being friendly to you, and taking pictures you can post on FB. It’s a win/win/win/win.  Not sure if that’s enough “wins” but it might be.


Here are the cartoons that I published this week so far. Some are fun, right? I hope you think so.


One last thing: Can I ask you to join my FrontOfYourHeadBook page?


20 thoughts on “Desert Bach Honesty Cattle

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  2. Oops – bad geography! Mill Valley could be considered to be across the Bay Bridge but then you’d have to drive up the east bay to Richmond and cross the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to get there, so really, it’s across the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope we can make it. We came to your last show at the same place.

      • Yeah Dan, you should remember the BAY BRIDGE. That’s the one that one section of it collapsed during the earthquake. I think maybe you were trying to forget when John and I picked you up at SF Airport and drove to Berkeley via the BB. Wild ride, huh?

  3. Oh man, what I love about the mirage bit is I’m not sure if he is in the desert imagining the freeway sign or on the freeway imagining the desert. I’ve been there more than a few times myself.

  4. like a friend of mine sez:

    which is better: roses on your piano or tulips on your organ?

    I know, I know: best to get the fugue out of here while I still can!

  5. Hi Dan – FYI, “just desserts” is incorrect (I know because I used to use it that way too). Check ‘just deserts’ here. Look at the comments below the definition portion (I’m oroboros) for some edifying remarks about the etymology.

    • Thanks so much! I actually wondered about this and looked both spellings up in the dictionary but couldn’t find anything about anything other than arid landscapes and sweet edibles! So happy to have learned this. :o)

      • Dan,

        Wordnik is an incredibly valuable resource. Make it your go-to language place; it’s more than a dictionary-type reference site, it’s a language/word-lovers community too.

  6. I liked the just desserts…….I was sure expecting a pic of cupcakes piled high….Delighted to see puppies <3

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