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Bizarro is brought to you today by PC or Not PC?

Hello, mates. (Imagine me saying this paragaph with an English accent.) Do you like jolly good fun? Well you’ve come to the right drum and bass, by George, because that’s what I’ve brought you today with these four brand new, hot-from-the-crumpet-oven cartoons! Can you find all 7 icons (or “secret symbols”) in this large Sunday cartoon above? It’s a tough one. To make it bigger, click on the lady’s shoe.

(Imagine me saying this next paragraph with a German accent.) Here’s a cartoon about some anthropomorphized tug boats. They are not unlike the kind we used to sink ships in WWII. (Do not check the historical accuracy of this statement.) It is a collaboration between my known associate, Wayno, who’s last name sounds like it could well be from the homeland, except that I can’t remember what it is now. Perhaps you can ask him about it here.



(Imagine me saying this next paragraph in a French accent.) And here is a cartoon about a snotty American tourist in one of our fine restaurants. Where does he get off questioning our chef? I’ve half a mind to hit him with a bag of escargot. Le nerve!



(The description of our final cartoon today is to be imagined being said by me while honking a big, obnoxious, old-fashioned car horn.) Do you like clowns? I like the weird, artsy ones that Circue du Soleil uses (and they’re actually funny) but I can’t stand the kind seen in this cartoon. Still, it’s a funny gag to me and while I hate coming upon a clown in real life (not that this blog is not real life to me) I like drawing clowns in cartoons. While we’re here, let’s take note of the bartender’s nose; he could use it to open a can of peaches.

This concludes my international narrative today. (Imagine me saying this next line with a Mexican accent…) Sayonara, comrades!





26 thoughts on “Facebook Toot Stink Seltzer

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  2. Keep’em coming, Dan Piraro! Every morning, I wait for the newspaper with my nose pressed to the window, hoping for a new Bizarro comic. Lo! There’s always a good one. Thanks for making it possible to share with my Facebook friends, btw. I’m increasing your readership. (Don’t believe me? Check out my wall.) p.s. I’m not going to pester you — I’m just a harmless old retired English teacher with a warped sense of humor.

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  4. h.f.d. anyhow, the greatest motorcycle store ever is having a father’s day kind of deal today. the place is called Century motorcycles on pacific in san pedro. san pedro is not a place where i’d wear gold necklaces or walk around with an iphone, for what it’s worth. if their were motorcycles back in the days of king tut, there would surely be tombs holding these treasures for the afterlife. and i don’t even like motorcycles but the vintage bikes are gorgeous. just sharing;)

  5. The bartender looks like you gave a tip o’ the hat to one of your mentors, Mr. Kliban. It looks like his style. He was great!

    By the way, I saw today’s comic before I saw your blog, and I must say: The 7th secret symbol did give me a run for my money. I found them all though. Well done!

  6. First time caller, long-time listener. That’s not really true, but I’ve always wanted to say that. I love the “unfriending me in public” comic, especially the first panel. (The second panel could use some work.)

  7. Our family reads bizarro for the therapeutic value. The ” last word ” 6- 12- 2012 and

    ” As cries for help go ” 6 -14-2011 are brilliant ! Also, ” Mr Peanut Updated,” 6-20-06 has been on display in the kitchen coming up on six years. Keep up the good work, you

    me smile a lot. Bryan

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  9. Tick, tick, tick….. boom! You nailed the expressions on the nearby primates. (Seems difficult to accomplish…)

    “Dude-in-the-Hat’s face sez to me: “Hmmmm, might just hafta cut this mutha…” Or mebbe not. Another great ‘toon. Well done.

  10. Mr. Piraro, sir,

    Back in the 80s I ran a book and music store [remember those?] and one of my greatest joys was finding a quiet corner [bathroom] and thumbing through the book collections of your early work. My favorite of all your cartoons was the one set at night where a man’s car had only one headlight working and a redneck was holding a cone of light and saying, “Looking for this, city boy?” Or something.

    I would give my left cone of light to see that cartoon again. Can you tell me, a humble former merchant, where I might find it? I realize this has the potential of completely disrupting your day. But, I really need to go to the bathroom. And Google isn’t helping.

    Many thanks,

    Chris Henson

    Roanoke, VA

    • Thanks for the bathroom story, Chris. I remember that cartoon well and have always liked it. I’ll see if I can locate some sort of copy of it and post it on this blog. It won’t be easy because my archives are an archaic mess, but I’ll try because I’m just that much of a nice guy.

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  12. Hmmm, been wondering to leave ideas/suggestions/all forms of silliness.

    Had a couple ideas that I’d love to see in my Sunday funnies:


    Many Thanks for the great laughs, I will need to soon purchase a second refrigerator for displaying your art. (hmmm, cartoon idea with overly-proud parents there?)

    If you’d like to reply to me Please use the email addy as it’s the best way of getting hold of me. Thanks Once Again :-)

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