Jungle Jeep Easter Accident Fish


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For me, the fun of this gag is in the drawing. It’s a simple turn-of-a-popular-phrase kind of joke, but drawing the lions and their post-modern house was a kick. I love drawing anthropomorphized animals but don’t often do it. If you want to delve into deeper philosophical meanings, you can also say that this cartoon illustrates how far from nature we have drifted as a species. A good example of this kind of thinking is the way we often frame teenage sexuality in a moral context of “good” and “evil.” If you throw out the human construct of “morals” and just notice that teenagers are mammals and their bodies are driven to reproduce, the discussion is much simpler. When my daughters were growing up, I always discussed sexuality in biological terms and instead of telling them it was “wrong” to go too far too young, I explained the psychological effects of sexual relationships and how it can make life much more complicated and unpleasant when it doesn’t go well (and the first few almost never do). As well as the obvious discussion about how disruptive STDs and teen pregnancy can be. Then I  left the decision to them. Both of them had relatively sane relationships with boys as a result. (Or at least, I’m happy to take the credit.)  I’ve long thought that the farther away from nature you get, the harder it is to make sense of life. Not that I live in a teepee in the woods.




For grins, here’s another anthro-animal cartoon from a while back that I forgot to post way back then, so here it is.





Unfortunately, this barroom cartoon has nothing to do with teenage sex or nature vs. society. It’s just a play on the old joke: a horse walks into a bar–– the bartender says, “Why the long face?”

Someone told me that commentators on The Comics Curmudgeon were leaving comments with alternate captions. I looked thoroughly but never found them, alas. This would make a good caption contest cartoon, for sure. If you have a good idea for an alternate caption, I’d love to hear it. The person whose caption is deemed funniest by my panel of judges (me) wins a mention in this blog. Wow!



I did see a comment about this cartoon on another site that said they expected I would get some mail from it. That’s a reasonable assumption but so far I’ve not heard a peep. Maybe no blind people saw it.




This last cartoon is one of the more surreal I’ve done lately. Somebody I was having dinner with recently said he didn’t think my cartoons are as surreal as they used to be. So this one if for you, Bruce.


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21 thoughts on “Jungle Jeep Easter Accident Fish

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  2. “John Kerry! Haven’t seen you since 2004!”

    “Oh, the Rondo Hatton Fanclub meeting was LAST week!”

    “….igneous, pumice, even obsidian, it takes all types to make a world.”

    “Here’s your warm glass of gin with a human hair.”(I love ‘Rustler’s Rhapsody’)

  3. “You aren’t on the island anymore.” Was going to say “This ain’t Easter and you aren’t on the island anymore” but it seemed stupider ;-)

  4. Caption Contest

    “Oh Moai God! You must be really thirsty after travelling all the way from the easter islands. Here’s a drink on the house for your trouble.”


    “Here’s some stone cold beer.”

  5. As a serious novelist I take an inordinate amount of pleasure spreading your “Funnies” to group meetings of A.A. and any religious organization who’ll let me through the doors that day. The incredible range of reactions I get are priceless. Keep up the great work!

    D.G. Spillman

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    • Thanks. Furniture-wise, I’m stuck in that world. I’ve got a major crush on Don Draper’s New York apartment in this season of Mad Men. :o)

      • I haven’t watched Mad Men — hell, I’ve been lucky to watch an hour of TV a week, tops, since about 1990 — but I’ve seen little bits of Mad Men, and they do a real fine job of re-creating the stylistic environment of the early/mid ’60s (i.e. my boyhood).

        I don’t know about your mom & dad’s tastes in decor when you were a kid, but when I was a young boy circa 1962 or ’63-ish, my parents’ living room looked like a cross between Frank Lloyd Wright and The Jetsons — full of sectional sofas in colors not found in nature, pole lamps from outer space, and funky pseudo-Bauhaus room dividers. It’s a shame they got rid of that stuff long ago; I’ve seen some old fotos of our house when I was about five or six, and wished to hell I had some of that stuff now. It’s making a bit of a comeback now, but all those replica pieces cost a buttload.

        Sadly, in the early ’70s, my parents got heavily into the Early American fad. Our house was Early American everything — including the TV set. I shit you not — we had a big-assed RCA console with a stereo AM/FM tuner, a stereo turntable and a 24-inch color TV in an Early American cabinet. Most of my friends’ moms & dads had Early American TV sets, too. Silliest shit I’d ever seen.

        • Same with my family. When I was small, in the early sixties, the house was kind of Jetson’s modern. As I got older, they traded that stuff out for less appealing Spanish-something-or-other. Lots of heavy wrought iron, over-stuffed, black vinyl chairs with chunky wood on the ends, etc.
          I hate early American, too, but what would you give for an authentic early American TV cabinet? Like one made by Paul Revere or Thomas Jefferson?!

  8. Seeing as how you believe your cartoons are getting surreal (and I would agree!), my favorite joke: How many surrealist painters does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: a fish.

  9. Lions don’t live in jungles, they live on savannas. Tigers live in jungles, as to monkeys and plenty of other animals.

    Please correct and re-submit for our approval :D

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