Three Parrots Chess


(To see this carton all big, click on any parrot in this picture.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Shoulder Pet Art.

I put out a book of Bizarro pirate cartoons a couple years ago––do you have it? If not, that may be the nagging sense of emptiness that you’ve been feeling lately. Whatever the case, this cartoon is not in that book because it is new and publishers will not publish something that does not yet exist at the time of printing. Moreover, this one is a collaboration with my known associate, Wayno. You may wonder what Wayno has to say about this gag. If so, you can find out here. I think it’s lots of fun.

But what’s this? Another cartoon with a parrot? At least the parrot’s companion still has an eye to see with and a hand and foot to do whatever people do with their hands and feet. But is she in a romantic relationship with this parrot? This is something you must decide for yourself. That’s the beauty of art––even low-brow cartoons––the viewer can make whatever they will of the image. Yay for you!

And then we play chess with our dog. Border Collies are thought to be the most intelligent of all dogs so how hard can it be to teach one to play chess? I mean, essentially, it’s just checkers with fancier names for the pieces, right?

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22 thoughts on “Three Parrots Chess

  1. I was wondering what the eyeball, pie slice, and tnt stick meant to you? I’ve been reading the funnys for a few months now, and I always notice its one or the other or all 3 in your strips

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  3. A great trio, I really laughed long and hard over the committed pirate. A very telling rip if you’ve ever been to a political fundraiser or a corporate “team-building” retreat.

  4. Love em Dan…. always glad to share too. Our local paper dropped you for some reason. Maybe it’s time to drop them.

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  6. As anyone who’s ever known a Border Collie knows, they do indeed herd. My niece rescued an older one some years ago – it was something like two years before he’d even glance at any of the humans, he was so busy keeping an eye on the horses.

    You’ve coloured yours oddly, though, Dan – looks like you need to get one of your own to serve as a model.

  7. I showed the “we have to talk” to my daughter, the animal trainer who has a Senegal parrot. She’s always trying to teach him new behaviors and how to say something besides imitating the microwave. Keep ’em comin’!

  8. Hey, Dan, I was intrigued by today’s comic (July 14, “Do you always have to be right?”). Very clever and ingenious. I rotated it clockwise 90° and it doesn’t look as strange, apart from the position the woman is sitting in. Is that how you originally drew it?

  9. Any real parrot isn’t going to let the lady choose the topic. That’s how parrots work.

    As Vicki Hearne relates it, the parrot says something like “So’s your old man” or “How fine and purple are the swallows of summer” and then looks at you to hold up your end of the conversation. Then you’re one down.

  10. Hey Dan,

    I don’t know if you will remember me. I am the founder of Foster Parrots and we met at the TAFA meeting 5 or 6 years ago. We had talked about your wonderful parrot commentary. It really is wonderful to see you have continued to shine a light on the plight of captive parrots. I was wondering if I might get a copy of the “We have to Talk” cartoon in HighRes for a presentation I am making to the Association of Avian Veterinarians soon? Thanks, keep up the good work


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