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As predicted, I got a few angry comments from seniors about today’s comic, “Road Signs For Seniors,” shown below.


They correctly complained that teens and twenty-somethings are responsible for more accidents than seniors. I was moved, therefore, to create this alternate version of my Sunday comic. I hope you enjoy both versions, my precious Jazz Pickles!


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  1. As a senior (66), I found your published edition funny as ever. You’re carried in vivid technicolor in my local paper each day. My wife and find your humor quite rewarding. However, I take umbrage or your suggesting that teenage (or ANY age for that matter) should drive while texting or checking social media. I’m unsure of the total statistics, you’ve got Google, look them up, but I’m sure it’s a high death rate for such activities.

  2. I actually liked the teens version more, specially the “whatever” and “facebook” parts. Today kids cannot do anything without updating their facebooks, even if it is dangerous (while driving).

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  4. My husband and I are both seniors (60’s) and although we enjoyed both versions, we like the original cartoon the best. (We actually did see the “speed limit 7” sign at Casino Arizona.)

  5. Hmphf. Ever since I saw news about old people crashing into crowds & store fronts, I thought there should be a 17-71 rule.

    No licenses until 17 yo; no licenses after 71 yo.

    • I’ve had conversations with friends and family about imposing some sort of mandatory regular drivers test for seniors. I suggested that every drive should have to re-test (re-certify?) every 7 years. If my car needs to be inspected every 2 years why not my ability to safely operate a vehicle?

      My 75 year-old father-in-law is still driving despite 5 auto accidents in the last 5 years. His reactions times are shit and so is his eye-sight but yet … he’s still eligible for a NJ state drivers license.

      Unfortunately seniors are a formidable voting block and will vote against any initiative that they feel may rob them of their “right to drive”.

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  8. I like both; very funny! Now about those “middle-aged” drivers and their crises…. (I use scare quotes for “middle-aged”, because I don’t think my life is half over. I intend to live to 120…. )

  9. As a senior, I find the teen version funny and the senior version hilarious. It is a sad statement that someone would be offended by the original but not by the rework, simply because the latter is about someone other than his/herself. I’m from the foothills of NC and, living in CA, get GREAT enjoyment out of the hillbilly stereotype, both as a recipient and as a speaker. Smile, pickles! Life’s too short for tight shorts!

  10. I’m 75 and I amuse myself composing rules for the senior driver. Your cartoon got them all except for Always Drive in the Left Lane Except When Passing. Never Pass. Best regards.

  11. I must join the chorus of those who object to the “Road Signs for Seniors” cartoon. It is insulting to suggest that “seniors” are all nitwits. It’s also insulting to suggest that all teens are nitwits. There are better ways to convey humor without insulting all people in a certain class.


    • Jeez Jim, what happened to your sense of humor? You took this too seriously, when it merely reflects the habits of many people in those 2 categories, which are well-known and annoying and often dangerous. It’s called satire for cry Sakes! PS I am a very senior senior and I found it hilarious.

    • I don’t think either implies *all* of either category are nitwits. Stereotypes exist, and they exist for a reason. These cartoons simply play on those stereotypes in a way that is neither hateful or denigrating. I would hope that as I move ever further into the “senior” category, I will remain able to laugh at the underlying realities and accept my participation in them with good grace.

      • As I’ve often said, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re not allowed to laugh at anyone else, either.” It’s the secret to a less stressful existence, as far as I’m concerned. :o)

  12. Two of my friends have recently been hit by cars. One was driven by an elderly woman checking her GPS, the other was driven by a teenage girl who was on her phone. I love this strip!

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  14. Har Har! I needed that blue sign for seniors just the other day–takin’ a walk about a mile from one mall to another down city sidewalks in my new abode (Santa Fe) while adjusting to 7,000+ elevation having moved from approximately sea level. You can bet I found some rocks and benches and even a curb to “set a spell” on! I also loved both cartoons. Oh, and since we’re confessing, I’m 69.

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