Pachyderm Boobs Imaginary Beggar


(If you detect a yearning in your heart to see this cartoon bigger, click the elephant’s anus)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Parking Lots Without Stripes.

Many readers of this blog are not native English speakers and/or reside in other countries so they might not get this gag. It is based on an idiom that people use when there is a large issue that is purposely being ignored or avoided. For instance, let’s say Bob and Betty are a married couple whom you and your friends have known for years. You hear that Bob and Betty are divorcing, but you have already invited both of them to a party. They arrive individually, but Bob shows up in drag. This makes everyone uncomfortable, so all of the attendees ignore it and pretend it isn’t happening. That’s called “ignoring the elephant in the room.” Later in the party, Betty pulls a pistol out of her purse and shoots Bob. That’s called “assault with a deadly weapon,” but this cartoon has nothing to do with that.

For a more detailed explanation of this idiom, here’s what Wikipedia says about it.

Here’s another cartoon about a common idiom, albeit a much more recent one. Women (especially those with large kajungas) who notice that a man with whom they are conversing is staring at her chest instead of her face will say, “My eyes are up here.” If you find yourself in this situation but are too tired to talk, you can just wear this T-shirt.



I’ve probably done too many Facebook gags but it is such a ubiquitous part of our lives these days that I can’t seem to stop. Below are two older Bizarros about Facebook that are probably better than this one but that’s a matter of personal opinion.

Bizarro FB exhibit A

Bizarro FB exhibit B



My last cartoon today is a simple one that shouldn’t need explanation. A few people have asked me if the guy holding the sign is supposed to be anybody particular. The answer is yes, but it’s not anyone famous so you can stop wondering. It’s a friend of mine named Robb who inspired this cartoon one night while we were chatting at a party. If you’re a part of the vegan/animal rights crowd in LA, you likely know him.

This is one of those ideas that I was certain had been done before but I couldn’t find any on the Intertubes, so I went ahead and used it. If it has been done before, my apologies to the cartoonist.


30 thoughts on “Pachyderm Boobs Imaginary Beggar

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  2. On the 2nd one, I don’t think there’s a guy that wouldn’t mind getting the attention. The guy would have a big smile and a swagger in his walk.

    (Provided the starer is of the complementary gender; i.e., a woman for a str8 man, another man for a gay man.)

  3. cartoon idea. A typical “guru” sits atop a mountain. He is smirking.

    A backpack-wearing seeker walks off with a little black puff above his head, indicating pissed-offed-ness.

    There is a sign that says “Guru” but the guy has crossed it out and written “Douche”.

    Try it.

  4. Love the Facebook funnies you added and remember one not long ago with a cute little dog complaining about not being man’s best Facebook friend. Haha!

  5. Hello Jazz Pickles, I love the elephant in the room scenario, but what intrests me more are the little things in the room that the elephants distracts us from. Like the alien, the pie, and the birdies…..

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  8. Piraro,

    Im a huge fan of your comics and really appreciate your explanations, specially when it comes to some language specific puns.

    Cheers from Brazil

  9. I’m not sure how much flexibility you have for doing such things in your blog software, but I think it would be fun/interesting to see how many people actually click, in the locations that you suggest, to make the picture bigger. I’ve though this for a while now, but this particular one prompted me to inquire. :-)

  10. Dan,

    I saw a Facebook post that made me think of you… I tried to post the image here, but couldn’t figure out how, so I’ll describe it:

    It’s a picture of a guy sitting in a chair, reading a book. On the cover of the book is that same picture of the guy reading the book. And the title of the book is “How to Pose Like This” — classic. :)

  11. I’m always amazed (in a good way) at how careful you are to provide a reasonable amount of cartoonish accuracy to your art, like the elephant with its legs sticking up instead of being out flat like a person’s limbs. I remember another one with a Corvette in it; being a classic car buff, I even had a decent idea what year it was.

    • Thanks for noticing, Rob. I think some jokes are funnier of the picture is completely realistic, as though it were really happening. I had to do a fair amount of photo research to figure out what an elephant would look like in this position, since it is not something they normally do. It’s good to hear my extra efforts were appreciated. :o)

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  13. I like the “I beg to differ” drawing.. He looks totally different than your normal characters in your drawings. He looks Eric Clapton’ish.

  14. OH MR. DAN! You have outdone yourself!!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant . I need to mail a copy of your beautiful elephant to every member in my family!! And I love it that you made him a really big elephant… the ‘how can you possibly not see him’ ??? size elephant… poor elephant ..such a sad look on his face…

  15. “Boobs” is very similar to your previous work of 8-26-11. I think the earlier one was funnier but this one is more sublime. The earlier one is one of my favorites, my girlfriend is finally getting tired of me asking where her eyes are. Can you tease us as to what the late August ’13 one will be like?

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