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Bizarro is brought to you today by Unfortunate Sunburns.

Taking a step away from our lively discussion of the safety of GMO crops, let’s talk about cartoons.

To my great surprise, many people wrote to me to find out the meaning of this cartoon about geese. Others wrote to correct me about the name “Candian” Geese instead of “Canada” Geese.

Point one: the meaning of the cartoon. It’s simple; a “W” in German is pronounced like a “V” in English. Hence the different formations of the geese.

Point two: I know the correct name is Canada Geese, but I decided the vernacular version, which is what most people call them in my experience, worked better for the cartoon. One of the benefits of being a cartoonist as opposed to a politician is that I don’t always have to be literally correct.

This cartoon about a rabbit psychic did not get any mail asking what it meant, so no need to explain it. It does, however, feature a version of one of my usual “secret icons,” the “Bizarro Bunny.” Is the Bizarro Bunny actually a psychic and is her name “Madam Flopsy”? No. She’s just playing a role in this cartoon. If she doesn’t do what I tell her to I don’t feed her, so she’s pretty cooperative.


Are you a person who wears your baseball cap backward? If so, stop it. The fad is over and it doesn’t make sense. The reason a cap has a bill on it is to shield your eyes from the sun. If you have and additional set of eyes on the back of your head, you need a cowboy hat.

I was once playing doubles tennis with three other guys while wearing a baseball cap; bill facing forward. Another member of our group had his on backwards. One of the guys who was without a hat said, “Hey Piraro, why aren’t you wearing your hat like Dave?” I replied, “Mine came with instructions.”

I hope you found these cartoons and this post amusing. And remember, it’s just comedy. You can wear your hat any way that you like.


19 thoughts on “Goose Bunny Hat

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  2. Oh my stars, my husband didn’t get the geese either. Funny as hell, I caught it immediately and just cracked up. So spousal unit asked what was amusing. Then asked why it was amusing. I laughed harder. Thanks.

  3. Although I don’t make a habit of it, here in San Francisco, it gets so windy that sometimes you have to either flip your cap backwards or take it off, and since that wind can be pretty chilly, sometimes I opt for the former.

  4. Yeah…V is pronounced F in German….but W is pronounced V so…it works and I thought it was hilarious.

    Thank you for explaining the fashion news one…I didn’t get that when I saw it in the paper this morning. Duh….I guess I’ve never worn a baseball cap that way.

  5. Glad you stuck with the vernacular version… you’re right, it works much better. The cap thing, like you has never made sense to me. I am not a cap wearer unless, of course, I need to keep the sun out of my eyes. Why would I not use the bill to serve that purpose… keep em coming DAn. You keep the smile on my face:-)

  6. With respect to cap attitude, everyone of the appropriate age cohort here in Portland have taken to wearing that cap with the bill “forward”, so to speak: the bills are pointed down and to the wearer’s right, kind of like all the pilots in the Robotech have that lock of hair obscuring one eye all the time.

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  8. Cat lives count: If the cat jumps off, he must then jump off 8 not 9 more times to end it. Well, you will get mail on this, right? NIt pickers all of us.

    Flopsy: I thought this was a wonderful furry fan style cartoon.

    Cap Backwards: keeps rain off neck, but generally not used that way. There is a wonderful Fail on the web showing a young man, cap on backwards, at a sporting event, shielding his eyes with his hand.

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