Pollo Love


(If you find yourself among the dozens of people who want to see this cartoon larger, just click the chicken wearing lucky #7!)

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Good day, Jazz Pickles. If you watched the Summer Olympics this year, you’ll likely recognize this sport. I’m a sports fan, but, man, I found water polo impossible to watch. I never had any idea who anyone was, what they were doing, or if they were going to/or just did score. I found it so dull they may as well have been shopping for socks. Like most sports, it’s probably fun to watch if you actually play it. At this writing, I have not, and since I have a fairly low tolerance for wrestling with nearly-naked men in the water, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. You gotta love the hats, though.

By the way, “pollo” is the Spanish word for chicken and is pronounced, “po-yo.”

This next cartoon includes a bit of Bizarro Trivia: my two daughters, Krelspeth and Krapuzar, for whom the “K2” symbol in my cartoons stands, have a boyfriend and a husband named Chris and Don. These drawings don’t look anything like them, nor do the drawings of the women at the bar look much like my daughters. Although the brunette on the right looks a tiny bit like Krapuzar. I wasn’t thinking of them when I drew this, just decided to use my son-in-law’s and boyfriend-in-law’s names as a sort of familial in-joke.

Somebody wrote and said I have the number of lives wrong in this cartoon, that it should be 8 because the life the cat is living already counts or something. But If cats have 9 lives (and they do––it has been scientifically tested and verified) then, assuming she has not died yet already, she will have to jump 9 times total to end her life. I am neither a cat nor a mathematician, but that’s the way I see it.


I really like this next gag. If people make “bunny ears” behind people’s heads when they are “photobombing,” then what do bunnies make? Human ears, of course. My buddy, Brian Levy, who lives somewhere in Texas, mentioned this to me and I like the way it worked.


24 thoughts on “Pollo Love

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  2. And, unfortunately, it’s going to be hot today, even in Venice.

    But have a good time anyway. And bring us pictures of the rally.

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  5. Love your comic-

    Quick Questions a few weeks back you had a comic with Geese-

    Canadian Geese and German Geese- I don’t get it? Help Please :)

    Thanks Jim

  6. The version of Water Pollo that popped up in my head was human players batting around a distraught chicken…but I think your solution is less obvious and more funny…also less mean…lol

  7. Being a Jazz Pickle, I always read Bizarro in the daily newspaper. Now I have the added fun of reading this blog!

    My co-workers don’t always share my sense of humor, so I smile when I see them passing the paper around, pointing out Bizarro. They all loved Bunny Photo Bomb. Since we work in an auto parts store, the Innie and Audi cartoon was another favorite.

  8. Regarding the German/Canadian geese comic (with the German W pronounced like an English V), on a similar note, my Swedish aunt pronounces V’s like W’s. Sometimes we’d order sandwiches from a local shop and she always ordered the “hot wedgie”, which is how she pronounced, the “hot veggie”.

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  9. I was recruited to swim for a west coast university (which had a water polo team) from a mid-west high school which did not have a polo program and I have to agree whole heartedly that it was the most confusing sports around. It wasn’t until I joined and played on a regular basis that I finally understood (ok maybe it took several years) why the ref’s whistle seemed to blow every 5 seconds, etc…

    As for watching on tv, the glare from the water and the distance from the area of play makes watching the game painful, even for the trained eye.

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