Rock Parking Fire Babe Death


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I’m overworked and underpaid this week so I’m taking a few days off of blog duties. Here are some cartoons to catch you all up, sorry for the lack of witty banter to accompany them. My brain is getting some much needed rest.

My good buddy, Michael Capozzola suggested the parking cartoon. Check out his other cartoons here.

If you don’t get the second caveman cartoon, it’s likely because you don’t know the Venus of Willendorf. Yo, check it. If you don’t recognize the woman’s image, check this.

The last one, about the apocalypse that is always coming but just never seems to get here is a collaboration with my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. See what he has to say about it here.


13 thoughts on “Rock Parking Fire Babe Death

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  2. =v= Shary Flenniken did a funny comic book tale featuring the Venus of Willendorf. While the cavemen stayed home with their figurines to (*ahem*) “worship the Goddess,” the women went out foraging for nuts and berries. Complaining that what with their diets and active lifestyles they could never achieve the Venus figure that the men were so crazy for.

  3. The commentors over at the Curmudgeon gave you full marks for the V of W – with Raquel! – but everybody wished you hadn’t included the statue. I suppose that if you hadn’t, though, there would have been thousands of confused readers, rather than just hundreds.

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