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  2. The voters are being screwed over in another way – third party candidates haven’t been allowed to participate in the presidential debates. The public is being denied full choice.

    • I agree! As long as a candidate is on the ballet in enough states to give them a chance at winning, they should be in the debates! Who gave the Commission on Presidential Debates the authority to set arbitrary rules based on polls that never include third-party candidates anyway? Oh yeah, the Commission is run by the Democrats and Republicans. It is fixed, and the American people are screwed over. Gov. Johnson has now filed suit, I hope he wins so the American people can have the chance to make an informed choice.

  3. Her reasoning doesn’t make a bit of sense. Who doesn’t have ID? Doesn’t everyone have ID? After all, anybody can get an ID card without having to have a drivers license. And not having an ID card is so limiting. Paying with a credit card, buying liquor, driving, are just a few things that are next to impossible to do legally without ID. I never imagined anyone wouldn’t have ID (except maybe a few hobos).

  4. That was awesome. And yeah, if you live in a state requiring ID to vote, please get it done. I would really like to have an election for once without charges of fraud from either side. I know that’s a lot to hope for, but I’m an optimist.

    Here is a link to a site that summarizes the ID requirements across the country:

    Dan: Here is a link to California’s state web site:

    Looks like you need ID if this is the first time you are voting in your county. Fortunately the ID requirement is pretty lax:

    Section 303(b)(2) specifies the ID requirements for voters who vote in person or by absentee ballot.

    “In person” voters must show a “current and valid photo identification” or “a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and address of the voter.”

    “Absentee voters” must submit with their ballot one of the documents listed above.

    BTW, I can see how a young first time voter might not have one of the forms of ID mentioned, but how are these laws specifically targeting the other groups? I didn’t see the homeless mentioned. But I suppose they are a subset of the poor.

  5. I see nothing wrong with voter ID laws. In fact a quick search shows that the Tennessee law will provide registered voters with photo ID free of charge. So much for the black, elderly, student, poor guilt trip. Come on, this is common sense people. I don’t want anybody to go around and vote in my name or somebody to vote who should not be voting. It negates my vote and others. What is wrong with ensuring everybody who shows up at the polling station is who they are?

  6. As for Voter ID itself I believe that everyone SHOULD have to present a verifiable form of identification to vote. I also feel that our country should drive the proverbial stake in the ground that beginning in (arbitrary year) you must provide a government-issued photo identification to cast a ballot, BUT that we also provide for sufficient time for people to obtain such identification, say two years. So every election beginning in 2014 voters MUST present a valid photo identification to vote. Waiting until 6-9 months before an election to enact legislation like this does nothing but proves the ignorance of our elected officials.

    The REAL problem comes from flawed tallying. For example, whether you agree with the outcome of the 2000 Presidential race (All hail the “butterfly ballot”), you must admit that you didn’t know much about chad or how your chad hangs until you watched a room full of adults stare at punch card ballots day after day after day.

    I live in one of the 2012 “battle ground states”. Our district uses electronic balloting. I happen to also have studied electronic voting as part of my Masters degree in Information Security. Our system offers absolutely no way to confirm your vote got counted, let alone got counted once and only once. I did a project on developing a system for casting absentee ballots at an arbitrary voting station using a smart card. You would find it amazing the difficultly in developing an accurate and reliable voting system.

    SenseiC bows out.

  7. I am wondering about one recurrent feature in debate about this:

    How is it that these people, supposedly denied a vote by their inabilties or even prior criminal record, are all Democrats?

    I’m registered unaffiliated – but the protests here stink.

    Meanwhile, those who protest voter ID: thank you. I can go vote early and often now.

    (Just kidding. The local volunteers do have list of precinct residents. They just won’t call to remind you to vote yourself more money from the treasury.)

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