Boxer Shorts Latin Gay Bug Beaver


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This week I’ve got a few gags with which I am pleased with the art. I like the gesture of the body of this boxer, as he sits swollen and defeated. Most cartoonists don’t bother with these kinds of details but I really enjoy them and hope you do, too.

This is a subtle gag that I really enjoy for that reason. Again, though, I’m particularly happy with the art because the character at left is very naturally slumped at the bar, casting a casual but disapproving glance at his neighbor’s boxer shorts. I wasn’t always good at the nuances of human facial expressions; I’ve been drawing a cartoon-a-day for nearly 28 years so I’ve had a lot of practice. I used to struggle over getting just the right look on someone’s face but now it comes almost effortlessly. A benefit of age and experience. I remind myself of these benefits to counteract my natural distress over the decaying of my body.

Someone with a terminal illness wrote to me the day this appeared in the paper and said that it really dragged her down. I’m sorry about that. I enjoy dark humor and believe it is one of the most important qualities that distinguish us from other species. Our ability to fully understand our past and future suffering and laugh about it as a way to cope is unique. But when I draw a cartoon like this, I know that somewhere at least one person is going to see their own situation in it and their feelings may be hurt. It’s a weird thing I think about in this job.

This cartoon about an apparent marriage proposal is a traditional “switcharoo.” Your brain thinks it knows what it is seeing until you read the words and find out that it is something entirely different. Ten years ago, this cartoon might have been rejected by many newspaper editors because of the homosexual reference. I find it encouraging that this is not the case today.

This cartoon by Wayno is a real winner, I think, but if you’re not familiar with dung beetles you might not get it. The name comes from the fact that they feed on manure. Some species roll them up into balls and store them for snacking later. They are also known as “scarab beetles” and are the kind you’re used to seeing in ancient Egyptian art. These images have become popular in modern jewelry, as well. If you’ve got a necklace with one of these scarabs on it, you are a person who wears a shit-eating bug around your neck. Here are Wayno’s comments about it.

As long as we’re discussing subjects that one cannot usually include in newspaper comics, this cartoon about a beaver skirts that line, as well. If I had spelled it “damned” instead of dammed, the cartoon would likely have been rejected. What makes a single letter so powerful? Probably the same thing that makes a single finger so powerful. You can hold up any finger you like except the middle one, and the middle one can be used in tandem with any other finger, but if you use it by itself, you get punched in the nose.

It’s a strange world we’ve created, Jazz Pickles.


25 thoughts on “Boxer Shorts Latin Gay Bug Beaver

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  2. The terminal patient one is brilliant. Please don’t let the possiblity of upsetting someone ever deter you from sharing your humor – dark and otherwise. Humor, the arts, and entertainment in general provides relief from suffering. You’re doing a noble thing by making people laugh. Love your stuff every day!

  3. Dan, your comment about facial expressions made me think of early Doonesbury, when Trudeau would just leave a blank for the mouth, because he had yet to figure out how to draw them properly.

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  5. Re: dung beetle. Reason I never bought any jewelry with that motif. It proves that ignorance is bliss. Thanks for making me laugh, almost daily.

  6. Would have liked the beaver better if he said “Nope – it’s pretty much only dammed if you do.”

    Don’t get the Dung Beetle-in-law part of the bugs comic. Dung Beetle’s always know just what to give.

    Not to complain – still and always the best comic going!

  7. My father, who had religious reasons to hold that dogs don’t understand language, found my dog clearly asking him for food at the dinner table.

    She was a smart dog, he knew, and damned if he was going to talk to her.

    “Ixnay,” he said.

    She understood in spite of the pig latin, and went on to the next person.

  8. I recall Gary Larson saying in one of his books that he tried for years to think of a way to successfully work dung beetles into one of the Far Side cartoons and never came up with anything. Congratulations on making it work!

  9. uh…. in New Zealand and the UK, you really shouldn’t use the middle finger in conjunction with the index finger either (but only if the palm of your hand is facing you, of course)

  10. Trying to analyze the nuances of the bar guy, but the “disapproving glance” is so subtle, it’s almost subliminal. Could it be the slight crook of his nose? The ever-so-slight downturn in the line of his lips? Whatever, it’s there. :::applauds:::

  11. When I was in the 4th grade or thereabouts, some of the first graders had figured out that a fist with one finger outstretched got a big reaction, but they hadn’t quite worked out the details – so they would go around holding up their fists palm inwards with the index finger up. We thought they were adorable. It is a wonder how much of a difference a small detail makes.

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  13. On the trains I ride to work, some of the conductors say catchphrases at certain stations. Coming into Irvine, one says “Welcome to Irvine, Jewel of suburbia!” One day I said “Zircon of suburbia!” which cracked up the regulars. After seeing this scarab cartoon, I realized she says it just as we pass lots and lots of fertilizer in the fields next to the station. Totally changed the context for me.

    Yay to gay and dark humor.

    Old skool con this weekend:

    Postcards predict the future:

  14. I loved the terminal patient cartoon and thought the joke was really about doctors who are afraid to talk to their patients about the possibility of death. Our society in general prefers to skirt the issue.

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  16. “El Ritmo Lluno” dedicated to the gay community is available on itunes, amazon music, and many others. Hope you love my music as much as I love your cartoons…..

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