Gray Matters


(To make it big like a rhino’s butt, click any brain in a jar.)

Bizarro is brought to you by Halloween HORROR!

Once you’ve recovered from the image below that first link, dear reader, I encourage you to click on the above image and view it large because I put a lot of effort into this art.  And I added a few small jokes on the wall posters that I don’t want you to miss, but with screen resolution be so low on computer, I fear you’ll not be able to read them. On the poster behind Frank it says, “Diversity — Because you’re made of different people.” On the anatomy poster behind the mad doctor, the hands are labeled as “Paws,” the thigh label says “Lap,” the legs tag says “Getaway Sticks,” the feet say “Dogs.”  I thought this was a fun, non-traditional Halloween cartoon that you might enjoy. If you did not enjoy it, please don’t tell me; I live for your approval.

The picking-Frank’s-brain idea came from my buddy, Cliff, King of Word Play. He’s a peachy fella. I very much enjoyed composing this picture of Cliff’s vision. I hope I did it justice.



33 thoughts on “Gray Matters

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  2. I love the stapler on Herr Doktor’s desk. Nice touch, as is the band-aid on the skull.

    Kudos to Cliff on a terrific gag, and to you, sir, for another amazing drawing.

  3. Yes, very hilarious! I always enjoy finding where you’ve hidden the pie and the firecracker! Where’s the penguin? You always throw in so many interesting facets to observe, smile and laugh over! Eyeballs! Thanks Dan!

  4. I went right to the bigger version and zoomed in. Managed to read the fine print on Frank’s poster, too, which leads me to my question: Just how big is the original art that you draw, anyway?

    PS: I LOL’ed, too.

    • Someone always mentions this. The thing is that in my cartoons I often just use the vernacular version of things so people will catch it quickly. Who knows, maybe Dr. Frankenstein came to call his monster “Frank.” :o)

  5. I’m stealing “Getaway Sticks”. Thanks for the laugh!

    ( I traced the Larry, Curly & GMO cartoon back to you…glad I did! I have been sporadically back since then…great site! You funny! :-)

  6. .how will survive if brooklynn goes under and your millions of dollars of 0riginals are ruined lol..oh wait but three left the rest go to your writing crew where they cant get 10 cents on the $350 dollars

  7. Hi Dan, always enjoyed your stuff…but technically, “Frank” never had a name and Frank is actually the doctor’s name I believe. But its ok, its funny none the less.


    • Yes, I know. I always get this when I do Frankenstein jokes. The monster is routinely called Frankenstein now so I just use the vernacular to make the gag clear.

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