Shag Dark Ghost Corpse


Bizarro is brought to you today by Pilgrims and Indians.

Well, if all goes as planned, today is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.  The holiday supported by a coloring book story about pilgrims and native Americans getting together peacefully (for the last time?) to have dinner and give thanks or something. We celebrate this by, and as an ethical vegan I cannot resist saying this, slaughtering millions of innocent beings who’ve lived their short lives in uncomfortable captivity so we can gorge ourselves like gluttons. In December, the massacre starts all over again in the name of “peace on Earth.” Whatever.

Here now, because it is what I do for a living, are some cartoons from this week. I hope you gaze upon them with amusement. A couple of these cartoons have to do with the holiday, the others don’t. Does anyone care? Of course not.

I’m taking a few days off myself, rare for a self-employed cartoonist with an unrelenting daily deadline, so I’m cutting this post short. Enjoy your holiday, Jazz Pickles, and if you’re dining with family members, try, for once, to keep your opinions to yourself and thereby the cranberry sauce and gravy out of your lap.


19 thoughts on “Shag Dark Ghost Corpse

  1. Love the cartoon about cell phones! How true! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled out the iPhone to read a menu.



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  3. Thanks Dan for mentioning the horrible way we treat food animals. It’s hard to be vegetarian any time, but harder at holidays because of all the holiday traditions. To make things even worse, it’s deer season where I live and I have to hear about the ones they wounded but got away, etc. On the bright side, your cartoons always make me smile.

  4. How did people read menus before cell phones?

    Damn, Dan, that’s just effin’ brilliant.

    Speaking as a professional graphic designer, I also have to ask myself what the hell the designers were thinking when they designed some of the menus I see when the wife and I go out for dinner. I’m in this room with sometimes-absurdly subdued lighting — for the atmosphere, y’know — and I’m given this menu that’s laid out with all manner of ornate display faces and text set in something like Offer Not Valid In New Jersey Light Condensed, and — you guessed it — I’m forced to pull out my mobile phone to read the freakin’ menu.

    I’m starting to think that designers given the gigs designing restaurant menus should be required to proof their layouts sitting in an actual restaurant with “atmospheric” lighting, instead of in a perfectly-lit design studio, as they’ve obviously not considered the conditions under which their work will actually be viewed (hint: it won’t be in a friggin’ design studio).

  5. I find it odd that as an “ethical” vegan, you’re always bashing humans for eating meat, yet whenever a disaster or tragedy occurs that affects innocent people, you hardly shed a tear. Either you’re a hypocrite or a misanthrope.

    • I used to send out emails asking people to read my latest blog post. I’m guessing that’s what you mean. I got tired of pestering people and figured I’d let them subscribe or find it on their own. Thanks for dropping by. :0)

  6. My relatives were on the mayflower and my wife has a fraction of a Native American blood – so I tell my daughters that they are responsible for their own demise.

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