A New Reality


My precious Jazz Pickles,

I’ve survived yet another “end of the world” and to celebrate I’m making this incredible announcement:

I’ve been involved with a top secret television project!

You may be delighted, disgusted, outraged, or intrigued to learn that for the past many months, I’ve been involved with a top secret television project. I can’t disclose many details yet but there will be elements similar to my notorious 1990s country-wide tour during which I stayed in the homes of my fans and they introduced me to their wonderful (and sometimes strange) lives and communities.

If YOU would be interested in having me drop in on YOUR life for a couple of days (camera crew in tow), please send an email to me at info@popsiclepictures.com and tell us what you would do to entertain me and what unique, compelling, curious, and/or “bizarro” aspects of your life, household, family, and location might make for good television. Don’t be shy, I want to hear from you. Without you, there is no show!

Unlike the Mayas and their apocalypse hoax, THIS IS FOR REAL.

Vetting for my first hosts and location is starting today, so hurry!

info@popsiclepictures.com (Not a hyperlink, just copy it and email me!)


13 thoughts on “A New Reality

  1. Hi Dan, sounds like a cool project, can’t wait to see how it unfolds. I’ll look into emailing the contact.

    I was wondering – is there any reason that for the past few days the dates on your panels are missing the days. Lately it says 12- -12. Just curious.

  2. First of all, is that a jazz pickle in your picture? It’s cuteness is aspirational.

    Wish I had something more exciting to entice you with than a house still half unpacked a year & half after moving…we’re mostly down to the mystery boxes that were in storage for 10 years. But after all the fun we could walk up to Cherry Street, get plowed at Kilkenny’s and stumble home. Whee! (?)

      • Yeah, it was more of a wishful thinking kind of a question… then again, maybe if you apply to New Zealand on Air for funding for filming local content, you never know… ;)

        • Also, of course, our Prime Minister and his National-led government suck up to the film industry big time. They even changed the labour laws to accommodate Warner Bros and give film-related workers fewer rights. So come on over and exploit away! As long as you include some furry-footed and pointy-eared New Zealanders, we’ll love you here. Heck, we’ll work for free for the honour and to stop any threats on your part to film in the Czech Republic instead. (Best to keep that subversive vegan thing under wraps though… you know… the damage to the backbone of the economy and all… not to mention other enlightened attitudes… we don’t want that sort of thing here… and our PM will put on a great BBQ for you, with lots of choice body parts on the grill…) :)

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