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Bizarro is brought to you today by Previous Pie Perpetration.

As predicted, the second cartoon in this lineup, which appeared in papers on Tuesday, confused a lot of readers. To understand it, you  have to both be a regular reader of Bizarro and connect it to this first cartoon, which appeared in papers on Monday.

The “Life of Pie” cartoon is a lampoon of the Academy Award nominated film, “Life of Pi,” and is simply an illustration of a pie that is dwindled down to one piece, which then becomes the iconic slice of pie in one of my cartoons. Yes, I know it’s obtuse, but my readers often enjoy this kind of challenge. If you got it without the help of this blog, award yourself 500 points. (Incidentally, though I’ve not seen the movie version, I read the novel and it was superb. Does that make me sound high-minded and a little snooty? Good.)






Our next offering today is this delightful feline romp by my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. Fortunately, you do not have to understand anything about string theory (in truth, no one does) to get this gag. I like that in a cartoon. Here’s what Wayno has to say about this collaboration. He’s got some other dandy art on his site as well, so don’t miss it.






This next cartoon appeals to me because of my recent second divorce and the realization that for me, the first step toward breaking up a perfectly good relationship is moving in together. If I’ve got to cohabit with someone, anyone, it’s only a matter of time before I resent them for being in my space. (Not that that is why either of my marriages broke up.) I’ve seen it time and time again with old married couples; they say they love each other but act like the other one is one molecule away from disintegrating their last nerve. Personally, I think a relationship with separate dwelling spaces can be just as intimate and also offer an immediate escape hatch when you need a few hours or days to yourself. Word.



This dental cartoon needs no explanation or back story. Unless you’ve never been to a dentist, in which case you likely don’t have a computer to be viewing this on right now, either. This one is a collaboration with my good buddy, Dan McConnell, who lives on a street called Pine Flats Loop. Can you hear banjos?








My last cartoon today depends on your knowledge that tryptophan, a mysterious substance found in the flesh of dead turkeys, is said to make you sleepy. That’s evolution’s way of giving the other turkeys a chance for revenge for their fallen comrade.




41 thoughts on “Teeth Pie Cat Marriage Pain Sleep

  1. I do not understand how the “Life of Pie” connects to the Monday cartoon. I do not see what Pi or Pie has to do with the Coal (Tooth) Fairy and a snowchild blissfully drifting off to sleep. I apologize if I am ruining the comedic effect by deconstructing too much.

    Dan Piraro, I appreciate your work!

    My sympathies for your divorces.

    P.S. I do have access to a computer and AM viewing this blog but HAVE NEVER, EVER even been to a dentist’s office, much less sat in that chair before.

    • The first cartoon stands on its own. In the U.S., when a little kid loses a tooth, they put it under their pillow and the Tooth Fairy replaces it by morning with a little bit of money. The snowkid has the traditional snowman lumps of coal, not teeth, hence the “Coal Fairy.” The second cartoon is a callback to the first for the reasons that I stated. If you are unaware, I’ve been putting a piece of pie like this in many of my comics for almost 15 years.

  2. “Pie” Five man, been loving your stuff since I got one of your books in a scholastic book order magazine (almost 15 years ago too!). The old comics I thought were just silly now come back to me with some great satirical and adult based concepts. Keep it up man.

  3. The late Robert B Parker and his wife lived in separate residences, and so apparently do Helena Bonham Carer and her husband Tim Burton. I’m friends with a non-famous couple who do this too – if I ever marry again I’ll seriously consider it.

  4. Hahaha! Like your work a lot! Thanks for posting! This time I especially like this quote here: “… the first step toward breaking up a perfectly good relationship is moving in together.” I could have written that. :) Only I haven’t. You were first. :-D Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Condolences on the divorce. (I always thought that couples should live in two houses joined by a hot tub.) Idea for a comic strip: what do pink flamingos put in their yards?

  6. I’m on my second marriage, and the key to our success is separate bedrooms. People thought we were strange for actively seeking out a house with separate sleeping quarters, but we both knew we’d want that space to escape (or be sloppy). It’s worked for 15 years… we’re completely happy together. I would recommend this arrangement to anyone.

  7. I must have had the same fairy that your snowman did… the dwindling funds might as well have been coal as I aged!

    Thanks for the laughs and for the obscurity of your humor. I no longer read the funnies in the paper because they are so obnoxiously “unfunny”. You are no long carried in our paper … I guess Idahoans haven’t the depth to understand you:-)

  8. I’m happy to have caught on to the meaning of the Life of pi cartoon right away – viewing them on the web where you can click back one day sure makes it easy.

    Seems quite fitting that the last slice of pie should live on as a lamp base in a Bizarro cartoon :)

  9. I’m not sure if this has been done because its kind of an obvious joke, but for a sunday punnies you could have a frog ordering food at a fast food restaurant and have the server ask “would you like flies with that?” as a play on the line would you like fries with that.

  10. The dentist panel is great! Why do they call it a “pinch”? It’s NOTHING like a “pinch”. It’s a stick. Great big ol’ needle stick. Waaaaaay down in your gum. A truthful dentist would say that.

    • I’m getting a lot of needles, these days, due to health problems. It’s not only dentists who warn of a “pinch;” nurses do it, too.

      But what are their alternatives? “You’re going to feel a prick” has all kinds of problems. And the even more truthful “I’m about to stab you” isn’t much better.

      If it was my job, at least once I’d try, “Hey, is that a moose over there?” just before doing the jab.

  11. Hey Dan, why do you care more about turkeys than innocents in the Middle East killed by Obama’s military policies? And if you voted for Obama, there’s blood on your hands. Have the spine to answer me, coward.

  12. Dan, you are the bendin; end. You’re my favorite cartoonist, and usually crack my ass into about 5, 357 and one half pieces.

  13. Thank you for this page, which I found following links re your name. Because I posted (fb) a 2006 cartoon “Hot English Majors Talkline,” I am getting questions. Who knew? I cannot explain the stick of dynamite.

      • Thank you. I did see the dynamite in the more recent subway cartoon with the free-range chicken. It fascinates me that these mystery symbols function much like a Rorschach Test for the viewers.

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