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Bizarro is brought to you today by Guide to PC Language.

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Here’s the secret link to the free trial dealy. You gotta do it! Don’t make me look bad by not signing up for the seven free days. :o(

Later, Jazz Pickles.


29 thoughts on “Cracker Killer

  1. Beautifully drawn. You know the difference between a Scarlet and a Green-Wing, and the feet and the proportions and the posture are right, which means you’ve seen macaws walking on the floor — not something that could have been learned by any amount of research. One of ours sometimes walks backward — and why should she not? She can see where she is going.

  2. Dan, you’ve created a real thing of beauty with this one. The colors in the bird’s plumage, the look of fear on his face, just showing the foot of the guy behind the door, Polly’s subtle shadow – GENIUS!! This panel is a classic work of comic art as well as being one of the funniest things you’ve ever done. Well done, sir, well done.

      • Totally serious about the praise Dan. I just noticed the hint of blood on the bird’s beak. Really, really inspired comic genius.

    • I am in absolute awe of this picture. I, too, love the artwork. I have 6 parrots, but no Macaw. I love them but feel I am too inexperienced as a bird owner to have one. But, I know that attitude! I would love a full size (11 X 8 1/2) version of this to print and frame. Anything larger would help. I am interested in buying a print if it is for sale.

      • It’s a COMIC FFS! African Greys that ‘could’ talk wouldn’t go knocking at neighbours’ doors either.

        I approve of this comic strip.

      • We have five macaws. They all talk. One replays entire conversations between herself and my wife, as well as my wife’s half of phone conversations. At the other end of the spectrum, one only says “hello” and “hi” in a tiny little voice, but that is because the breeders who hatched him pull the eggs and incubate them. Parrots teach their chicks to talk their own language, and give them names, before they hatch. Look it up if you don’t believe me, which I couldn’t blame you for, as it sounds perfectly incredible.

  3. Beautifully drawn! So much detail!

    Wait! Is that blood spatter on Polly’s beak.. face… claws? Are those blood droplets on the door sill… and smear under the tail?

    Come clean, Dan: is this an actual crime scene drawing? A reenactment?

    This is based on a true story, isn’t it?

    Do you own the movie rights? If so, we should talk…


      • Or… that other Hitchcock classic… what was the title…. oh yes, The Birds.

        Then there’s The Birdcage; the plot doesn’t include murder but the wardrobe is fabulous!

        Back to movie rights, if it won’t work as a full-length movie, maybe an episode of CSI or Dexter?

        Meanwhile, have you considered freelancing as a courtroom sketch artist? You could rake in big bucks… especially if the witnesses were avian…

  4. I love your stuff! I bought one of your panels as a gift for my son, and he loves it, too! (Spiderman). I just signed up for the Daily Ink, and told them you send me. They still let me sign up! Thanks, dj

    • Happy to help. As the small number above my signature attests, there is only one “icon” in this cartoon. It is a K2. I’ll give you a chance to hunt for it but if you want to know where it is, just ask. :o)

      Clicking on the cartoon will enlarge it and make it a bit easier to spot.

  5. Love your Polly. As the servant of two African Greys I can attest that they DO think like this! Both of my parrots ask for specific treats by name and are quite greedy. Thank you for the smile.

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  7. hi dan! first i wanna say i love youre comics and i think youre brilliant. that said, this is just an FYI about youre link “guide to PC language” which is actually not PC. I work with people with developmental disabilities and it is always hurtful to see the use of the word “Retarded”. We work hard everyday to educate the public that people with disabilities feel disrespected to hear or see that word used, even in common speak. Also, to call a person with Downs syndrome “mentally challenge” may be technically PC, it is NOT people first language. People first language means you put the person before the disability, because they are people not disabilities. thanks for youre time.

    • Thanks for your comment, Katspe. I’m on the same page as you and don’t use the word “retarded” in social situations. My point of that graphic was that it was a different take on the word, using it to criticize a ridiculous celebrity instead of the traditional use. Your thoughts are understood and appreciated.

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