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I’ve already gotten one comment this morning saying, “Why is Abraham Lincoln eating whale meat?” Well, if you’re not familiar with the story of Moby Dick, you might have had a similar reaction. This is Captain Ahab, from the novel, who often referred to Moby Dick as “the great white whale.”

Little known historical fact: Abraham Lincoln was also the captain of a whaling ship early in his life in Illinois. The ship was made of logs, in the style of a log cabin, and there were so few whales in Illinois that he gave it up to practice the more lucrative field of law, eventually becoming president of one of the larger countries in North America.


24 thoughts on “Piece of Tail

  1. You are the best and only reason to buy the Sunday paper. Thanks for blinding me trying to find that damned K2 every week.

    • It might have been Lincoln’s if he was still the captain of that whaling ship in Illinois. (That must be a true fact. Dan would never make up anything like that.)

  2. No stick of dynamite along the length of the harpoon? No eyeball floating amongst ice cubes in the glass of water? Not even a k2 cleverly hidden in the folds of Ahab’s kerchief? Well, that is, if anyone knows what a kerchief is.

  3. As usual, you’ve outdone yourself with yet another amazing example of subtle facial expression. The way you pulled off the two very similar looks on these guys is perfect. The look of the stereotypical, stuck-up waiter who really could care less, and the sardonic, somber look on Ahab are priceless. I don’t know another artist that could do that in so few strokes of a pen.


  4. ” ..president of one of the larger countries in North America”, actually he was the president of the smallest country in North America.

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