Fisher of Men to Fisher of Fish


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Yesterday, I posted a cartoon I had looked at a thousand times and saw nothing wrong with. As soon as I posted it, my daughter texted me and told me of a typo. I looked again and still didn’t see it. She told me that the caption read, “My homework at my dog,” instead of “ate” my dog. I was blown away by my brain’s inability to see it until she had pointed it out! Fresh eyes are a must.

This presents an excellent opportunity for me to pimp her business, which is an online proofreading and editing service. She’s super good at it and as hard-working and honest as Simon Cowell is smug. (Her logo is cool, too; she must be related to an artist.) Anyway, if you write anything from self-published books to website info to term papers to business proposals, you should check out her services. Her rates are very affordable and she’ll make you look as smart as you think you are. While you’re there, bookmark her page because there will come a time when you’ll need it and you won’t get a better job for a better price. Plus, you can say that your editor is Bizarro’s daughter.

My other daughter is wonderful, too, but I can’t tell you what she does for a living because she is a covert CIA operative.

Here’s a pic of the Proof Ninja and me from a few years back when she was a part of my comedy show.


23 thoughts on “Fisher of Men to Fisher of Fish

  1. I used to offer the same services as ProofNinja, but have now focused on other parts of my career. When I redo my website, I will send people her way. (Mostly because of her awesome logo.)

  2. ProofNinja — I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a more perfect name for a service company. I guess creativity runs in the family. And I agree with Stacy, the logo is awesome. Oh, and the comic was good too ;-)

  3. I must say that I’m astonished that you, the master of scene set-up, had to use the “magnifying glass” trick to show us the details of the print on the spare wheel. Is that intentional, or just the outcome of an unfortunate combination of a hangover and a deadline? ;)

    • It’s a size-relationship issue. My cartoons appear in newspaper comics sections all over the world and many of them print it barely larger than a business card. At that size, readers could never see the type on the wheel cover without the blow up.

  4. This is not the first time that I leave a comment about the fact that there is a Bizarro truck company in Portugal. Their logo by the way is quite funny ( I can almost imagine a Bizarro cartoon with a chick hatching out and saying something funny. Of course I am not Piraro, that’s why I used the word “almost”.

    OK, so I was just driving 1 hour ago and I go past a Bizarro truck (every now and then I see one) but then a minute later I go past a… Bisaro van (

    Lisbon can be a bizarre place to live.

    • I was in Lisbon once and was struck by how diverse and unusual the architecture is. It seems that every building is completely different from the next and none are easily recognized as a particular era or style. It did, indeed, seem like a bizarre place. :o)

    • THAT’S IT! Imagine a fleet of 18-wheelers crossing America’s highways and byways 24/7… filled with Bizarro Books, T-shirts and other merch, complete with attendants at your service! And maybe an animatronic Dan doing a couple of gags from his standup routine!

      On both sides of the trailer, on glorious 4K resolution television screens, that day’s Bizarro cartoon! Along with the occasional announcement of Dan’s upcoming standup shows and perhaps videotaped messages from Dan such as, “Be kind to animals. Start by not eating them!”

      Yes, America, say goodbye to the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and say hello to the Dan Piraro Bizarromobile. Huzzah!

  5. Maybe she could send her credentials to the Belleville (IL) News-Democrat. They could really use a copy editor and proofreader. They once used “ballet” in a headline – instead of “ballot.”

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