Wrong in So Many Ways


Bizarro is brought to you today by Literal Bakers.

One of my favorite types of games as a kid were those “find x things wrong with this picture.” Playing that game in Highlights magazine was the only good thing about going to the doctor or dentist. (My parents were too poor to get me a subscription to the magazine, plus, we had no permanent mailing address in the strip mining pit in which we lived.)

My affinity for that game is what prompted me to create the cartoons below, in fact. (Click on the images for a larger view.)




















The other game in Highlights that I loved was their version of “find these objects hidden in this picture.” It was this game that first prompted me to start hiding the alien, firecracker, pie, etc. icons in my cartoons.

On a different note, does the crotch of this baseball pitcher make you uneasy? It does me.


25 thoughts on “Wrong in So Many Ways

  1. Oh! Oh! I figured it out! The pitcher is filled with a liquid that no one wants to drink!

    (Seriously, though, I LOVE this cartoon.)

    (And yes, the diaper-y crotch is kind of disturbing.)

  2. Opening day is Sunday! Thanks for all the laughs and fun so far, Dan. I feel fortunate to be part of the class of people who appreciate your work and are alive to enjoy it contemporaneously with your creating it.

  3. Hilarious and creepy at the same time! Magnificent!

    Two questions: first, in what city do the Eyeballs play?

    Second, is it my imagination or did you write “Ohio idiots” in the first row of spectators adjacent to the picture’s, er, pitcher’s right arm/foot/shoe appendage?

      • Seriously, I see an O and an H just to the right of the pitcher’s arm in the first row of spectators.

        Having lived in Ohio, it wasn’t hard for my brain to spot that… plus a lower case i and an upper case O.

        But following that, I swear, I can see IDIOts.

        You’re saying you didn’t intend this… or is my brain just inventing something based on memories of my boss and his posse in Toledo?

        • Not only did I not intend it, I’ve been staring at it for several minutes and still can’t find it. I think it may be time for you take up the matter of your feelings about your ex-boss with a qualified mental health professional. :o)

          • Funny you should mention that.

            I was seeing an anger management counselor for several weeks, but the guy started asking questions that really pissed me off, so I quit.

            Police say shortly afterwards he vanished under mysterious circumstances.

            Hey, man, don’t look at me!

          • Oh, that’s a relief. I thought I was going to have to devote the rest of my life for looking for that in Bizarro like I had to spend all that time looking for all those NINAs that Hirschfeld put in his ‘toons.

            532, at last count.

            I have wasted my life.

          • The “OH @ IDIOts” is to the pitcher’s right, the viewer’s left .. first row of bleachers. Yeah. Just some lines that happen to vaguely resemble those letters.

  4. 3 things wrong with the pitcher that I see:

    – he has sideburns

    – he’s wearing a diaper under his uniform

    – he has 3 eyes, but only one is open and he can’t see with that one because it’s fake

    A couple of other problems:

    – the second baseman is missing a leg and an arm

    – the bleachers look like they are full of people which is impossible at this time of year

  5. Having that guy’s head coming out of the upside down person’s crotch is quite disconcerting. I wonder what his face inside those pants looks like while it happens.

  6. I remember those Highlights magazines! My grandparents got me a subscription for a few years. Which meant there was NOTHING good about going to the dentist or doctor. And there still isn’t.

    I think your unique and vivid imagination is really on full display in those last two cartoons. As for the disturbing crotch of the pitcher, it looks exactly like those of Tweedledum and Tweedledee as illustrated by John Tenniel in my 1946 edition of “Through the Looking Glass.” Only their bellies were bigger, their not being world class professional athletes on steroids and all. ;-)

  7. The pitcher looks like my neighbor .Poor guy has a webfoot and only one ball.I think Calvin might be right about the diaper, it Depends.Those eyeballs are a spectacle,for shur. What does PoofNinja think?

  8. What are the fielders “waiting” for? Do they expect the pitcher to deliver a ball to the plate the batter can put in play? I don’t get it, at all.

  9. Looking forward to your sequels, featuring a half-filled “Kool-Aid Man” with the caption “What’s wrong with this pitcher?”, an oddly-drawn Doberman with the caption “What’s wrong with this pinscher?” and Patrick Stewart with hair with the caption “What’s wrong with this Picard?” (okay, I’m kind of stretching on the last one)

    • I see what you mean but the business was named after an old girlfriend’s cat, whose name was “Miss Freckles”. The possessive of that would be Freckles’ or Freckles’s.

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