Ghosts of Technology


bz panel 05-28-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Phantoms.

Okay, I admit that this isn’t a hilarious cartoon. But it came from my own personal experience as I actually do this all of the time. I’m so used to hitting “save” on my computer every time I type something that I find myself moving my hand to do it after I write something on paper. I assume others have the same impulse.

Another thing I have is phantom phone calls. I feel my pocket vibrate and I reach for my phone but the phone is asleep and has not just vibrated. I’ve read this is fairly common for cell phone users so I can only imagine that someone out there who has recently experienced an amputation is getting “phantom limb” and phantom phone calls at the same time. What a drag.


21 thoughts on “Ghosts of Technology

    • @Mark: the same happens to me when I am working on a drawing with real paper and pen. It’s downright creepy.

      That and the instinctive thought: Ooh, I don’t like that area of the drawing, but I can fix it in Photoshop. What happened to the days when we were happy with creative serendipity? (sigh)

  1. Omg! My friend and I were taking about it just yesterday. How you try to hit ctrl + z in real life so often? Or even backspace when you’ve said something stupid.. Haha.. So we aren’t the only crazy ones…

  2. Just accept that Bizarro toons are usually a few layers deep. With this one, if you can’t accept the urge for the “save” itch, you sure could accept the quiet poke at computer culture. We all defend it as superior to ye old paper world, until we frantically try to retrieve something we somehow made disappear with the click of some computer key…

  3. It is hilarious to this person who has also actually experienced that phenomenon.

    I guess that’s better than reflexively trying to use an eraser on one’s computer monitor.

  4. Ha! When I’m trying to find a certain word or bit of info on a typed or handwritten paper, I’m always wanting to use the “find” function and it takes me a nanosecond to realize there isn’t one! (I also caught myself actually thinking “LOL” once!)

  5. My nephew, using my binoculars, asked “where’s the zoom?” three times before he believed the answer: “There isn’t one.” (Hold it up: 7x; take it down, 1x; hold it up….)

  6. I’ve done the same as DrDanny _ lifting my keys as I approach teh front door to later realize that the key-fob-doohickey-thingy for the car don’t work on opening the door!

  7. You can milk this idea for more cartoons. I have a DVR (like Tivo) with a 10-second back-up button. I find myself wanting to press the button when I miss something that some live person said.

    Google Glass allows people to give voice commands like “take picture”. You can show someone wearing the glasses and saying “make sandwich” or “enhance beauty”.

  8. I have never had the urge to hit “Save” (more so currently as the “Save” feature becomes passé) or “Undo,” but many times I have written something on paper or on a whiteboard, then I stop and look at the writing to see if anything has acquired a squiggly red underline. No exaggeration.

  9. Oh my gosh yes. Last time I was reading a real paper magazine I tapped the right edge to go to the next page a few times before realizing what I was doing.

  10. I read lots of newspapers, including my favorite ones, on my iPad. When I’m reading a paper version I constantly check the masthead for time…

  11. at work we have a motion sensor for the light in the breakroom. Because of me getting used to it coming on automatically, I often end up going to the bathroom in the dark and then realizing that the light is manual in there

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