Mob Rule


bz panel 05-30-13Bizarro is brought to you today by One-Man Flash Mob.

I admit that when I first saw a video of a flash mob, I was impressed with the idea, the planning, and the execution. It’s truly a terrific form of guerrilla theater and the first people to witness the first one were lucky indeed. What a surreal experience.

Like most great ideas, it caught on in a big way and now everyone is driving it into the ground. I can barely visit a shopping mall or train station without being jostled by a line of dancers singing “Rainbow Connection,” or whatever. So I think it is time to bump it up a notch. I’d like to see a crowded train station where 100 people suddenly strip naked and perform a song from “Hair.” At the end of the song, a gang of 25 cops busts in, performs some pantomime from a Keystone Cops silent film, then arrests them all and carts them away.

Where the art form goes from there, I can’t say. As always, ideas from my Jazz Pickles are welcome.


12 thoughts on “Mob Rule

  1. One man flash mob. Your doing it wro… er, um, nevermind…

    Guess this is more effective at getting people you don’t want at your door to go away.

  2. waitaminute… if they try to organize Flash Mobs over the phone, what about iPhone users? It doesn’t support Flash!

    which leads to jokes about Adobe Flash Mobs (needing to be updated and restarted every other day) or even DC Comics Flash Mobs (which happen a lot, but are so fast, nobody notices).

    and wouldn’t the guy in the pic in the link be more of a One Man Flesh Mob?

    and then there are the Flash Mobs in public restrooms… (yes, I’m going to say it) Flush Mobs.

    Goodnighteverybody, I’llbehereallweak, tipyourcartoonist and trytheveganveal!!!

  3. This is great Dan-and very cool that you included yourself.Reminds me of a clue on Wheel of Fortune–“Before and after”.crack me up.

  4. More like a one man flash MOOBS!!!

    And the family gathering … yeah, a wee bit disturbing. Especially the girl’s attention is on the family jewels!

  5. About the One-Man Flash Mob link: Dan, if you’re going to use my photo, at least show my genitalia.

    Thank you.

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