Sunday Punnies #30


Bizarro 06-02-13 WEB(For larger fun in a bigger size, click Kirk’s shirt logo.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by How Do I Shut This Thing Off?!

As you can see, this is the 30th installment of Bizarro’s Sunday Punnies, the cartoons which come from puns donated by readers. This week, we congratulate Anne Livingstone of Canada, Don Shook of somewhere, and Peter DM, who is from god-knows-where.


1. Leave your pun in the comments section of this (or any) post. YOU WILL NOT SEE YOUR PUN SUGGESTION APPEAR IN THE COMMENTS SECTION because I don’t want to ruin the fun for readers if I should choose it.

2. Tell me how you’d like to be credited. Anything goes, other than “obscenities,” a concept I don’t believe in but most people do and I like to keep this blog safe for kids.

3. Send me $5000. *

That’s all there is to it, Jazz Pickles. Put on your thinking caps and get crackin’!

*Optional. Not guaranteed to assure the use of your pun. Not tax deductible. In fact, just to keep it simple for you, don’t even report your donation to the IRS.


26 thoughts on “Sunday Punnies #30

  1. Is it OK if I change my email password to Jazz Pickle??? Thanks for the clue about how many of the extras are in each cartoon, makes my life a little easier! Now I won’t have to spend the greater part of the day looking for more. However, I do get out of a lot of work that way.

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  3. Salmonella!!! Oh my goodness, I’m laughing so hard! (Actually, I’m snickering quietly so as not to wake my flatmates. But in my mind, I’m laughing loudly!)

  4. Best Sunday Punnies ever! They were each so original and repeated-chuckle worthy. (I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of them!)

    p.s. When will you have a straight-up collection available again? Reading on the web is fine, but hard to give at Christmas.

    • My latest collection is “Bizarro Heroes,” which is a book of my super hero satires from Bizarro. I don’t have another book scheduled at the moment, but they come along every now and then.

  5. In response to your comment about not knowing where I’m from… I’m from a small town in Virginia that only NASCAR fans have heard of.

    Thanks for using my gag. I’m honored!

  6. Whenever I hear someone say “do you want some gum? It’s coolmint!” or something like that, I always imagine all the poor loser mints that the cool mints exclude.

  7. A whole new way to wash windows with a “squeegee board”! Aqua Ali in a “tidal fight” or something Star Trekky-like, like “chairman of the Borg”. Happy cartooning!

  8. My son, Tim – age 8, came up with the following concept for your consideration — (gag idea deleted by author so as not to ruin the joke for future readers should I decide to use it). We hope you like it! Keep up the good work. We love your work that we see in the Sunday paper. Tim’s dad, Mark Churchill

    • Love this idea, Mark. If I use it for a Sunday Punnies, how would you like the small credit line at the bottom to read? Tim is a clever kid. :o)

    • Hey, Mark. Like an idiot, I lost the pun Tim submitted after I deleted that part of your comment. DOH! Anyway, can you resend it? Thanks!

  9. How do I suggest an idea for a Bizarro Comic cartoon? There should be a link on their web site for that. I think I have a good idea so please, someone let me know how to send that to Bizarro. Thank you.


    Green Bay, Wisconsin

    • I am “Bizarro” (though no one really calls me that) and I read all of the comments on this blog. You can leave it here and I’ll consider it. I won’t post the idea in the comments section, though, so as not to ruin it for others if I use it. :o)

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