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bz panel 06-03-13Bizarro is brought to you today by What I’ve Been Saying For Years.

I’ve never been on trial but I’m sure it sucks. Worse yet, would be when trusted companions testify against you. All those years you thought that person was your confidant and loyal friend till the end, then suddenly, they’re telling your secrets to a public court. That would really suck.

Come to think of it, that pretty much describes divorce, even though these days you don’t usually go to trial. Divorce sucks, too, but it’s my own fault for buying into the Hollywood and biblical ideas of marriage. You reap what you sow.

IMPORTANT: This is just an observation, not a cry for help or a confession of suicidal thoughts. I’m not depressed or bitter, so no reason to worry about me. Just trying to fill up a blog post. :o)bz strip 06-03-13

Finally, a few Jazz Pickles have asked that I start posting the strip versions of my cartoons as well, so now I will be doing that. This particular one isn’t very interesting but some are.


21 thoughts on “Don’t Speak

  1. The defendant definitely will prefer the strip version (no stick of dynamite! — BTW: You’ll get a lot of response this time for not pointing out the number of icons!).

    What’s in the bottle (that’s missing in the strip version also. — Is it a covert advertising thing that’s going on here?)?

    I like the naive look on the dog’s face! :)

  2. Hey Dan! I love your stuff and I’ve been following your blog for years. I’ve always really admired your lettering and I was wondering if you made a typeface from your handwriting or if you letter your strips by hand every day. I’m curious because the few times that I’ve had to hand-letter a comic, at the end of the day my hand felt like it was gonna fall off.

  3. If I was on the jury, I would have to decide whether I believe in dog.

    Thanks for including the strip version, Dan.

  4. If you threw the dynamite stick, and the dog went after it, he wouldn’t be talking. Yes, this would be animal cruelty, but I don’t mean it.

    • >Major congrats! How asmwoee! As a fairly long time reader, I seem to remember you (at least claiming) you’d given up on the Reuben. Hey, in my experience, that does the trick more often than chance would suggest.

  5. When the Jazz Pickles asked for the strip version, was that because they thought you would provide nude self portraits?

  6. Really enjoyed this one. I’m actually more worried about our cat though. Our dog might innocently give away some private family info, but the cat would post it on her blog without a second thought.

  7. I’m surprised the owner’s not in a more angry posture (fist waving in the air) with a thot bubble (as opposed to a speech bubble?) with a think along the lines of “Rover’s gonna play DEAD for speaking!!!”


    8 O

  8. Dan, a li’l question (and leave my therapist out of this one, I proof!): Do you draw versions or is one an edit of the other? Which one comes first? Strip or box? In the newspaper some strips look like they have been forced-stretched to wide-a-rama. ‘Grow a pair’ appeared here yesterday and there was something ‘not-quite-right’. Tell me, mighty Bizarro!

  9. To me, the vertical one makes it look like the depressed dude is on the prosecutor’s side (according to Hollywood, this is always to the right).

    That really makes me wonder what exactly the dog is saying.

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