Flaming Fly


bz panel 06-18-13bz strip 06-18-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Where Cacti Come From.

There are few things more embarrassing for homo sapiens than to be caught in a lie, especially when it is accompanied by flaming trousers. For this reason, I wear flame-resistant underwear to protect my twig and berries. Sure, it makes my silhouette a little less flattering, but once I let go of a ripsnorter and my breeches burst into flames, I can relax in the confidence that my charred buttocks will not be on display for all to see.


15 thoughts on “Flaming Fly

  1. Dan, I want to know what that guy was rubbing together to make his crotch catch on fire? “I’ll have what he’s having.” :-)

  2. From my experience, the “pants on fire” syndrome tends to work its way from the cuffs upward, which is why I keep a small fire extinguisher in each shoe; not as comfortable as Scholl’s insoles, but more functional than Odor Eaters.

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