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Bz panel 07-05-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Reptilian Garments.

bz strip 07-05-13Here is day 5 of J.C. Duffy‘s six-day heroic stint as my guest cartoonist. Tomorrow is the last day, so get your bets in before the windows close!

Have you ever been really close to a large sea turtle in the open sea? I have, while snorkeling, on many occasions and I have always found it to be exhilarating. Sea turtles are among my favorite animals, for some reason. If I believed in reincarnation, I’d likely believe I was a turtle in a previous life, somewhere between my life as a salamander and as Burt Reynolds. Burt isn’t technically dead yet, but since I’m talking about make-believe, I can make up my own rules.

To change the subject from Burt Reynolds just a bit, here is an illustration I did for a classical and jazz music festival in St. Barts. For a bunch more of this style of art that I did for them, check out their website. This batch of drawings are among the best I’ve done outside of Bizarro, if I may be so immodest.St.Bart'sTurtlePIRARO I hope you like them.


14 thoughts on “Shell Shirts

    • If you click on the music festival link, there are plenty more of those illustrations among the various pages on that site.

  1. Did Mr. Duffy do both the panel and strip versions? It seems that The Fusco Brothers is in a strip format (at least on-line), and I notice the “fade-outs” on the left and right side of the strip versions.

    • I converted the panels to strips and added the fades at the edges of the art. I didn’t want to have to add a bunch of extra line work to what he’d drawn, so I faded out rather than continued to the edges.

  2. Love the bass playing turtle.

    I too have had the joy of being around sea turtles, in Hawaii, where it’s legal to swim with the turtles in their sanctuary, but illegal to touch them. My husband and I have an in-joke involving the experience. I’m a wee bit annal-retentive so I almost couldn’t help myself: I had an nearly irresistible urge to scrub the algae off the slower moving turtles. Now, whenever I try to make the bed — with said husband still in it — I’ll hear from under the covers, “It’s illegal to scrub the turtles!”.

  3. The line art, especially for the music festival, reminds me of the art in the 1953 Disney short “Toot Whistle Plunk & Boom” that our Elementary school music teacher showed her students every year. :-)

    (On an almost unrelated note I always point out my music teacher’s name was — seriously — Frances Scott Key. Her husband Edwin Key taught me piano.)

  4. Love the line art. I can’t even begin to fathom how you so nail the mood of a person/animal/subject (whatever it may be) in its body language/posture.

    I did randomly snorkel alongside a wild sea turtle for several minutes once in Cairns. 20 years later and I remember that above so many other lost details.

    Coincidentally, though not a sea turtle, we had this snappy big guy visit us just the day before your post…

  5. The snapping turtle one is a good genre, the discovery that a cliche is alive when you didn’t suspect it.

    Fowler warns of the galvanic stirrings of dead metaphors but he was a grammarian not a cartoonist.

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