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bz panel 07-15-13bz strip 07-15-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Badass Messiah.

Over the weekend, Klamelda and I went to a big fundraiser here in LA sponsored by the Derby Dolls: a women’s roller derby league. It was held in several large warehouse spaces and the parking lots of said buildings. They had circus performers and various other sideshow kinds of things, as well as an exhibition match between two derby teams. It was a blast.

While there, Klamelda posed with a statue of one of her heroes, Jack Daniels. And I met a new hero, Al (somebody), who is the national champion in the musketeer division of mustache competition. Here’s a shot of the two of us. I hope to one day sport such bold formation of dead protein.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the event was the “rink names” the ladies display on the backs of their uniforms. I’m a huge fan of funny names, so here is a list of some of my favorites:

Oliver Clothesoff, Syphilis Diller, Hurtin’ Ernie, Roger Assaultrey, Misfortune Cookie, Santa Demonica, Oscar Vile, Thora Zeen, Marina Del Rage, Hunnie Brasco, Regulateher, Fleetwood Smack, Heidi Evidence, Ryder Hard, Hurt Lockher, Gnarly Simon, Gori Spelling.

And, to rounds things off for today, here is an old, moldy Bizarro cartoon created during the mesoplasticine era.bizarro 09-14-08 dinosaurs


16 thoughts on “Rex Me Up

  1. Dan, I have been wondering about my mind. I hated the Where’s Waldo books when my son was into them, but I love searching for your secret symbols. Is it the difference between being a mother with a demanding job and being retired, or am I evolving into a JazzPickle? I hope the latter is true.

  2. I’m not sure I understand the T-Rex comic. Is the only joke his inability to reach his own feet? You didn’t provide any commentary on it at all.

    The obscure second joke I considered is that back in the 70’s and 80’s, K-Mart had a house brand of gym shoes called Trax, which is close to T-Rex. I’m sure this was not your intention, because it’s not funny at all.

    • The shoe one was just about how tiny his arms are. Not a great gag, but there you have it. The other cartoon was a pun on a famous stand-up comic, Carrottop.

  3. Diggin’ the hat on the left corner dino…obviously aspirations of being a bookie on the extinction wagers or a news hound

  4. As a person who was born with the long bone in both arms I too have short arms like T-Rex (there are many of me in this country & other countries). I have been dealing with the stares, jokes & people foldning in their arms to make them look short all my life. I do have some tough skin. When “jokes” such as this are put out in such a public forum it tells people that these “jokes” are OK. I know you can’t please everyone all the time. In the effort to respect differences & increase tolerance I would just hope you might be more thoughtful in the future before sending something out that might not be so “funny”

    Thank you, Sherry K. Stokes

    • Thanks for your comments, Sherry. I understand your point of view but in my defense, this cartoon is about the way a certain species of dinosaur was naturally configured and does not make fun of humans or disabilities of any kind. Nonetheless, I apologize for the offense.

  5. My son is in bootcamp and they started calling him Ski ’cause they couldn’t pronounce our last name. Then someone said he looked like a T-Rex when he runs with the way he holds his arms – so then someone came up with Ski-Rex. I laminated the comic and sent it to him to use for a bookmark. He got a good laugh!!! (he always loved your comics too!)

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