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bz panel 07-19-13bz strip 07-19-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Smoke Signals Over My Back Yard Last Week.

There was a time when I resisted getting a cell phone when most of my friends already had them. Even after I gave in, I rarely used it and it didn’t ring but once or twice a month because so few people had my number. Now, more than ten years later, I’m never without it. Not only do I never leave the house without it (unthinkable!) but I never leave the room without it. I carry it with me to the bathroom for a quick pee, I pop it into my pocket when I go out to check the mail. It’s amazing how these newfangled technologies worm their way into your life and you can’t live without them. It’s a lot like dating; you figure you’ll try it for a while and before you know it, you’re married.

I now must face the fact that I’m married to my smart phone. At least it rarely lies to me and if it wanders off and never comes back, I won’t be heartbroken. It’s cheaper to divorce, too, even with the the cancellation of contract fee that Verizon would charge me.


Today’s paleolithic Bizarro cartoonbz panel 12-21-06 cell phone is from 2006, when I still lived in NYC. The difference between that city and the small towns I frequented when visiting family inspired this gag.


8 thoughts on “Cell Signals

  1. Your phone lies about the weather frequently and I do think you’d be heartbroken without Angry Birds. Just sayin’. :-P

  2. That’s why i only have prepaid cell phones and still single. Huh, Sounds kind of sad when you say it outloud…

    Maybe i’ll move to Nebraska and time travel…

  3. Still resisting. But just told my husband this am that we’d eventually have to get one or life might not go on. Of course, that may happen 1st anyway!

  4. Thanks for another one of your great Western landscapes. They are one of the most painterly images you make. The strip version shows the vista off better.

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